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Command key no longer functions as an option to act as a move command for units on Mac computers. Please consider re instating this in the next patch. Other users please don't post useless whining comments in this thread, simply post that you agree if you have the same issue and wish it to be resolved.

Thanks Blizzard Team!
I definitely agree. I can't play the game anymore, as it stands. Further thought needs to be utilized before making major design changes in your game, Blizzard. Otherwise you lose your customers' trust--basic marketing.
I am having the same problem. I've been trying to figure out a way to restore the command-click=right-click for at least an hour and can't bring myself to play until I have this resolved. Help!
i agree cant play either ill be bronze or worse
This is something we're aware of and will be correcting. I'll ping the team for an update to see the progress of this.
I'm having the same problem...Since the release of this new patch I havent been able to enjoy SC2 because of this problem. Hopefully it will be addressed and fixed soon.
Same problem but don't agree it should wait until next patch. I'll consider making "X" my move command key (I don't think as a Zerg player I'll run into any key-binding issues) but using the command-key on my MacBook Pro is how I've been moving my units since SC1. Based on the forum comments, it looks as though this has impacted many and caused a lot of frustration and I hope Blizzard makes it a priority.
- Art

Update: X as a move key is not a good choice as that is the key to explode Banelings. Z-key worked fine for me and did not get in the way of making zerglings as I thought it might.

Question: Just curious why this needs a patch. I got the impression that one of the big benefits of 1.5 was that Blizzard could stream updates (which in a way makes us all guinea pigs from a quality standpoint).

BTW: I'm watching less Starcraft online. Getting things done around the house. Fixed the car. Wondering if you hired my wife as a beta tester? She loves the new patch!

PS: Your advertisers are not happy about the losing all those Mac users. With all those iPhones and iPads driving so many PC users to try a Mac for the first time, they're looking at this as a misstep on Blizzard's part. Think I'm kidding. Wait until the next patch and see how many Mac users have moved on to something else. Business 101 says that it is easier to keep a customer than get a new one... or did Blizzard forget we are customers?
Same here
+1, agreed! It is really hard to switch from using the command key to move units on OS X. I feel like even more of a n00b than I usually do!
same here!!!!!!!, I cant play w/o the command key they need to fix this ASAP if not is usseles to play for me!!!!!!
i have 2 blizzard games. diablo 3 and starcraft 2. both are currently down due to technical garbage. this sucks.
08/01/2012 09:25 AMPosted by Machkhan
This is something we're aware of and will be correcting. I'll ping the team for an update to see the progress of this.

Ok man what is the update on this? You said you would ping the team and yet that was 2 days ago. I am sure us mac users could really use an update on this.
Is this issue affecting all mac users or just a portion?
No its affecting all users I'm fairly certain.

I can't even play the game anymore... I refuse to relearn a new way to play after having been playing this way since the game launched.

I know this will get fixed, I just hope its very soon... Like I said... I just can't play like this.
Same here. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem. Double clicking to select a unit type just feels unnatural. Is this a mac problem only? I've been asking my opponents and they don't seem to have an issue. Please bring back my command+click!!!! this sucks!
Its so hard to play when I can't command+click to select all unit type. Pretty much can't play well at all to be honest. I guess I'll just play Diablo till its fixed.
My solution is keyremap4macbook. Don't like doing it, but I like playing starcraft and I don't want to use the control key.
I use the option to switch the command and control keys. The function to select all units of a type has vanished when using the command key (instead it acts as a right-click). I assume this will be fixed at the same time the command-as-right-click is restored when not switching keys.
I'm diamond and I literally cannot play the game without being able to command + click to select all units of the same type. Please fix this. Thanks.

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