Apparently Initializing Data Forever?

Bug Report
Game reaches playable state (1GB left to download!) so I start the game and log in, it begun a Initializing Data process which slowly and successfully reached 100%. It is not progressing beyond this point (Still shows the Initializing Data screen at 100%), if it is doing something it isn't informing me that that is the case.

In Task Manager it sits at around 495MB of RAM and 9-11% CPU Usage, there is also very minimal HDD activity and no internet activity indicated by my router. It's been like this for several minutes now and continues to not progress.

Normally I wouldn't complain but the music in is very ambient/lack luster compared to Starcraft/Warcraft 2 music making the wait very boring :/
It would be very nice if a Blizzard staff member could inform me whether or not it is safe to force termination of the game at this part of the process and reattempt it.
Sorry for the late reply, please force quit the game and follow the below instructions as that may help "reset" elements of your build. You may also wish to wait until the game has been fully downloaded/streamed before starting the client for better performance.

You may be able to resolve this issue by deleting and re-downloading the latest installation Tools.

You can do that by deleting the folder found in:
-Win7: C:\ProgramData\
-XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\
-Mac: Users/Shared/

After the directory has been deleted you should be able to run the installer or client again and download the most updated Tools available.
Had the same problem - SC2 should not take 2 hours to load for the first time....seriously. Did Blizzard fire all of the game designers and computer programmers from SC1 for this modestly improved SC2?
ya remember blizzzzzard sold out to activision and now there games are made with no love or quality

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