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The biggest issue is below:

WINNING games giving NEGATIVE 100+- bonus points.
so did anyone patch finish yet?
I have been at 0% on the optimizing screen for almost thirty minutes now....should i be concerned?
Give it more time, should push you into numbers soon enough.
it keeps on telling me that the program "agent" isnt working and i should wait a bit or restart my computer. i have done both,and it doesnt work. What should i do???
Well, lets just say it doesn't go anywhere...then what do i do? (cause it still isn't moving at all)
blizzard is trying to tell you to get a new computer? hahahaahahh
the opitmizing itself is 1.2 GB
Well, Blizzard can eat a bag of !#*#s then...going 40 plus minutes and its not moving

EDIT: Also I needed to clear space originally to update it.
Wow, I am really confused by the level of ignorance in a number of the rude posters here with useless comments (e.g. No one at blizzard does their job ... wat? They only make some of the best games of all time...). In any case, I appreciate that Blizzard continues to work to update their product and make improvements -- as a programmer myself I know that such updates will always have bugs that will need to be worked out.

In particular I have one that could use addressing -- monobattles appears to have disappeared! Since I play monobattles pretty much every day this makes me very sad. Is it possible to get the monobattles up and running again?

EDIT: I found it, but it is relatively difficult to find.
Hi, I realized when you click a unit's picture (at the bottom of in game), it no longer takes the screen and centers it to the unit. Was it intentionally taken out??
So, I have reached a full hour. At what point do i close it and start again? I know it says not to, but I'm not even sure its working.
This patch sucks! This patch sucks! This patch sucks! This patch sucks! This patch sucks! This patch sucks! This patch sucks! This patch sucks! This patch sucks! This patch sucks! This patch sucks! This patch sucks! This patch sucks!
I can't log in so yes I hope they yank it and revert.
Blizzard, I feel that the current art and programming personnel should be both fired and flogged for this massive display of utter and complete disgrace of a patch. It looks horrible, it works horribly, and overall, and for lack of a better word, you failed with this new patch.
yeah, ill be waiting on the search issue to be fixed, can't find any games that were easily found before the update, like monobattles... I understand that you guys at blizzard work hard, but if your going to force people to use a new format, at least have it working... and why fix something that isnt broken... or maybe you should of waited for the HOTS release and this could of been the format for that. we would of been more forgiving for that
i got some serious framerate issues too
I am not impressed with this patch, it was not necessary. I don't think the player community asked for these dramatic changes! This is an epic fail!
I also am having problems. after log in for a min it freeze and crashes my computer.
Why U need > 7 gigs free? just a patch isnt it?

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