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08/01/2012 03:32 PMPosted by Corpulus
Lots of people are getting the Error code: BLZPTS00007, including me. i can know longer play starcraft, i payed good money and put in good time. This is sort of ridiculous

go here
I managed to get into the game with only minor problems, and while I understand everyone is upset they can't get in, consider yourselves lucky; the game is now the worst I've ever seen it. It was fine before, but now lag is rampant, the graphics look terrible, the game runs junky - in all, this new patch would be something I would expected in 0.5.0 rather than 1.5.0. Just a horrible, horrible 'update' that should never have happened.

Blizzard, revert back and fix the !@#$ that actually needs to be fixed, rather than %^-*ing up the game as bad as you have...

I am, as you can probably see, specifically a custom game player. I have played a total of two, I think, actual games - now, the new arcade is possibly the worst system I've seen for RTS game finders.

However, not only is the custom game "arcade" a total waste of Blizzard time and effort, but the ladder matches and versus games now apparently suck as well?

So not only did you !@#$ over one or the other, but you %^-*ed everyone all the way around with this patch. Think about it Blizzard, this isn't an MMO; you can't just !@#$ things up and expect people to "get over it", not as big as SCII is (or possibly was). It may be a good idea, after Diablo III, to not %^-* up anymore, just a suggestion. Make the right choice, and roll this downgrade back, actually put some real time and effort into making the game better, and fix problems players actually see in the game. No one wanted a new UI, no one wanted to access five million menus just to find 1v1. No one wanted to see SCII get so royally !@#$ed; please, as a player and a customer, and we all ask, make this right.

Keep it up guys, don't give up. Sooner or later, even Blizzard has to listen to it's customers...
Blizzard, why do you always ruin things for the players? Patch 1.5 is a complete fail on your part. I am have been running Intel i7 870, ATI HD 6870, 6gb ram, 120gb SSD, 2TB HDD since the beginning of the games release, and have been running SC2 perfectly fine until the recent patch. Now I experience fps lag on lowest settings, making this game as good as unplayable (and my graphics card is listed as one of your "high end models" on your site).

Also, why did you decide to make pinging the mini-map so much harder, now someone has to press alt-g(or alt if you changed your settings) every time you want a ping. Which literally defeats the purpose of pinging if it becomes that difficult especially during an intense game.

The UI is giving me a huge headache, mainly because of the new chat interface. Everything is so clustered with the same font color makes it almost impossible to tell who's typing what in a party, or even a general chat.

The profile page is also a mess. This game's focus should be on the ladder, but the new profile page does not reflect that, and now I would have to travel much further into a person's career history, or current season to anything that's remotely related to ladder.

This patch has also disables mods such as STC (strong team colors) and the ability to use custom background which is a major setback for many of us in the SC2 community.

Although, I will give credit where it's due, and that's the new arcade update's "open games", which allows many not so popular games to be actually played (even though this feature has been in broodwar, I don't know why it took so long to implement this).

I believe that this game's main focus is the ladder portion of the game (mainly 1v1s), and this patch has done nothing to improve our experience with it, instead it is causing many players unnecessary headaches and such. And hence, I would like to request blizzard to revert the patch and put 1.5 back into beta until these problems have been fixed. I would even go as far as to wait for HOTS to fix all these problems before coming back to SC2 because this is just ridiculous.

Sorry for the long post, but I actually want SC2 to be the best game it can be, and right now, it feels like its back to the beta stages of the game.

edit : I also cannot see my party members messaging me while I'm in game (not set to busy).... I hope this gets fixxed soon too...

Ok, new patch, new stuff, and so on... but,


StarCraft II 1.5.0
There will be no standalone patch available for this patch. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Nice cr*p you made....

I'm not one to complain, but shouldn't the patch not have been released if you weren't supposed to click "play" before it was 100% complete, even though in huge green letters it said "play".

I just bought the game, and so far I've had to wait for hours longer than projected the day of the patch 1.5.0 release, and now my copy reports an internal error, and to contact blizzard support (all because the tantalizing green beckoned me to click play).

I've said my piece, but it would be nice (as a member suggested) if the patches were thoroughly tested prior to release.

ps. the starcraft icon should larger than the size of the arcade icon, since the original game is what we paid for, arcade is people's hard work, but it's all amateur. I just think the original gameplay icon should be 2/3rds the size of the area.

I'm done! Thanks!
Please fix the lag...can't play on medium anymore without massive lag spikes

Used to run on high...
they want us to test the system
How is it there's no mention of the lag/graphical debacle in OP?
if they let you know , we all wont play ,than how to test
Maybe in an more appropriate duration beta period? Especially seeing that the analogous feature in D3 was also a mess.
I am getting large amounts of lag since the patch. Originally it would lag every-time something new happened. For instance if it was the first time a baneling had exploded since I patched it would lag for a good second or so before coming back. Now it has kind of slumped into a constant delay of s little under a second for every action.
I really don't know what to do, i’ve waited 2 days now and i've tried any troubleshooting suggestions i could find for the “an internal error occurred, please restart” error and nothing is working. Really frustrating. Am i missing something? or can i really not play my favorite game....
Also, I would like to add on top of this... (Sorry for people who have already posted this before, but I didn't read all of the post's just read through quickly) is when I play with my friends on teams we like to have fun. So, how exactly are you suppose to have fun and mess around if your bronze and your facing Master league players in teams?
Did you also break the MMR of the game as well? Because my buddies and I played at least 5 games back to back and every single team game was vs Masters across the board.
Team games is pointless now until fixed and I'm not even wanting to try 1v1 if its going to be broken as well.

Just reverse the patch PLEASE and THANK YOU.

just more evidence that blizzard does not care about the starcraft community

if you're not going to THINK IT THROUGH OR TAKE YOUR TIME

all of your balance patching has been crappy knee-jerk reactions to singled out tournament results and this?
well it's just a knee-jerk reaction to COMPLAINTS ABOUT THE UI

we complained about the UI
but dont try to fix the problem by giving us another problem
Trash patch. Period.
Any chance you can address the lag spikes since patch? My favorite game is now unplayable because of the 1-2 second hiccups I have in the middle of large battles, which I never had prior to patch.
On my profile page, it says my current league is Platinum, however, I am a top silver player. Why does it say "current league" is platinum? When i look into my career history it'll say current is silver.

This also happened to my friend who is silver and on the "current league" in the quick look profile it says gold.

Anyone know anything about this?

I actually had the same question about this. On my profile it says I'm diamond 1v1 but I am a top gold. Can someone please address this?

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