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Hi all, is anyone having the issue of the graphic settings resetting to default every time you load the game? I also get the message optimum game settings cannot be found - issue i had never experienced before update.
"We are rapidly working to solve the issues listed above. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you experience any other problems with the patch over in the Technical Support and Bug Report forums, so we can promptly ignore these other, far more game-breaking issues.

Also, we urge you to use are Support function, where you can have the joy of waiting days to get any sort of response, and when you do, it so utterly incorrect as to drive you mad."
This guy basically says it all

08/01/2012 06:42 PMPosted by stankystank
t was easy, 3 years ago, when people should have upgraded. 10.6 was a significant update over 10.5. it updated opengl massively over 10.5.8, optimized the intel code signifcantly. added a ton more 64 bit support. cleaned out a bunch of obsolete junk. ifeature wise it wasn't much of a user interfae change from 10.5, but the update was so sigifnicant, at the time most games required it upright immediately after it came out, any new game pretty much required it. sc2 was generous up to this point but it's since evolved to point it can't tolerate such obsoleteness any longer.

Hey dude, are you kidding me? If you want to make this point, why would you be so crude and pretentious about operating systems that are--by the way--the best that some people can afford, and that have worked with your game for years without problems?

And 'sc2 was generous to this point?' Is this a joke? We payed 60 dollars for your game because you said it would work on our computers... and now you're position is that you were generous to include us in the first place, and that you can you no longer tolerate the obseleteness of the very same operating system you deemed compatible? Yet, at the same time, you acknowledge that it is the evolution of your game that makes it no longer compatible, and you offer no apology, or admittance of guilt in any way?

And yet, you didn't change the system requirements to 10.6 on sc2 boxes way in advance, knowing full well that customers wouldn't be able to play online any more in a manner of months? You just took your incoming community's money, 'generously,'--to put it in your own words--as you released, in the background, warning messages that you intended to remove us from participating in your game without any sort of recompense?

I mean, wow. This is the worst response I have ever seen a company representative from a place like blizzard give. It purely addresses technical jargon that should not be the concern of customers you have accepted the money of, and seems to infer that you have no sense of responsibility towards your community members who simply cannot afford to upgrade their operating system to continue playing a game they have all ready payed for.

You guys want to have someone else try to tackle this one? Err?...
I can't even play anymore. The game crashes every time.
- Total career wins needs to return. Instead of removing it you could have added career wins for each race.

- There's a bug that shows double of 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 when viewing the ladder

- In Quick Match why is 4v4 first?

- 2v2 used to say best ranked 2v2 now it has random 2v2 displayed first.
Is Blizzard aware of the larvae blocking the hatcheries?
was raging in a game yesterday cuz of larvae...
Updated the original post with our progress. I will unsticky this thread, seeing as the original issues are all either currently fixed or being hotfixed.

Yes, Blizzard is aware of the larvae issue and working on it. A fix is in flight!

For any other information regarding known issues, please check the thread located in our Bug Report forum here.
Does anyone have this problem? When you try to play the game a note appears saying "An internal error occurred. Please restart. If problems persist please contact customer support."
I tried restarting and it didn't work. I've contacted customer support through the use of a ticket. I haven't played the game since.
im still stuck at the optimization process.... it likes 0%. can anyone help? i have a sony viao running windows 7
The option "Open to public" is gone from all custom games now.

So far not one map maker has been able to fix this issue in 1.5

I heard it was from a default flag being set to hide that button.
But changing that option or flag did not seem to display the button.

This needs to be changed back to pre 1.5 status.


joke patch.Spike so much when gaming.fix it
Ehhhh didnt need to change the game SOOO much. Really Hots is coming soon and they decide to release big !@# patch????? Happily nothin went wrong for me. Change pretty muchmost/ to all back except the custom games I actually decided to start to play customs again :D
It is either your internet connection is crap or Blizzard screwed something up. Most likely option #.
I read the blizzard bug forum as suggested.

They don't mention the "Open To Public" bug in every custom map on BN.

This is a big issue for some maps. The Open to public tab is missing when you create a private game now.

    1.) Viewing certain players’ profiles was causing the client to crash. We have released a temporary fix that allows these profiles to load without crashing, but some ladder related data may not appear. The ladder data is not lost; it is just not being displayed while we work on a long term fix for the issue.
    UPDATE 8/2/2012: Fixed!

The hell? Really? You fixed this? Where? Cause my profile page is still quite useless...
08/02/2012 10:05 AMPosted by AxEHeaD
I can't even play anymore. The game crashes every time.

Same here.
08/02/2012 02:41 AMPosted by Brunizzle
Hi all, is anyone having the issue of the graphic settings resetting to default every time you load the game? I also get the message optimum game settings cannot be found - issue i had never experienced before update.

Yes. I had that issue while I could PLAY THE GAME DURING PATCH 1.5.

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