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Could not load game after update. Reinstalling.
so i boot up starcraft the patch 1.4.4 pops up and goes from 0-100% then the window closes itself and nothing happens. anyone know how to fix that?
Awesome Blizz! The optimization process simply won't work! It has stayed at 0% for hours on end! Must I reinstall the game? Will that even help? Who knows! Thanks to the ace team at Blizzard, I don't seem to need to worry about playing SC2 for a very, very long time! Since it apparently has decided to stop working. And I'm not the only one, lest you be fooled into thinking so! Why are we players forced into trying to help each other fumble about in the dark when it should be Blizzard who has answers for us??
I was playing less then 10 minutes ago and the game froze. The UI was still functional but being able to move units and give orders was impossible. This never has happened to me before until this patch came out, and quite frankly I am very upset of having to leave games that me and my teammate have won. This happened 2 times in a row as I was playing protoss and my teammate was protoss the first time this happened and terran the second time this happened. I am angry with the starcraft 2 developers for releasing a faulty patch that causes the game to crash or freeze. If this issue is not fixed soon, I plan to stop playing and buying blizzard games altogether.
even casters having lag probs. my computer is broken now. it was laggy before and now it is broke. the dwnld gets stuck at 48% of optimizing and then it says "delayed file write c:\windows\system32\sysevent.evt has been lost." AND A BLUE SCREEN. btw, i have an xp, so its not completely a dinosaur... (dont fix it if it aint broke) and (dont release it if it causes computers to go boom.) make it revert back to original way. would be appreciated. please?
I keep checking back - Hoping that someone has found a work around. I too, sit at the 1.4.4 Patch, It acts like it loads it, then I get a Windows Box that gives the yes/no box do you want to load, say yes - goes back to loading 1.4.4 in a loop ......
"An Internal Error occurred, please restart. If problems persist contact customer support."

During the patch upgrade my AVG program detected Trojan horseAgents.BWPJ affecting SC2Switcher.exe Anybody else go thru this? I googled the bug in question and get no hits AT ALL. Is this a new bug or is my machine just making this up?
That happened to me too. I submitted a ticket to blizzard about it. Their directions to fix this problem are different for desktops and macs. This can be fixed though.
Are you guy's playing yet?
I hope Blizzard is listening!
I've uninstalled and reinstalled a couple times over and still get the same "internal Error" message. All would be well if we didn't have this silly "optimization process" rammed down our throats during the install. And I shouldn't have to fix the problem myself by text editing some arcane files in the system. The least they could do is take the new patch offline so I can at least get the game open and play it some more. I paid good money and I'm a registered user.
Funny how the uninstall of Starcraft 2 takes microseconds while installation is an arduous journey......HEY BLIZZARD!!!....DITCH THIS PIG!!!!@
The one item I dont ever see anything from blizzard is the FPS debacle. Our computers didnt change from 1.4.4 to 1.5.0 (and on).

But I was able to play perfectly on "High" pre-1.5, now I drop to 1-7 FPS on "Low" during large skirmishes.

100's of identical stories but nothing about it in any bug reports. It's happening to the uber-high end computers that some players have so it's not relegated to just the mid to low end computers.
it wont even take my patch every time i try it uploads 2 of 24 then crashes?? please helpppppppppppppp!!!!

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