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After running the first patcher successfully, the 80mb patch. The next stage starts and I get this:
"Failed to download a required installation file ( Please check your internet connection and try again."
My internet connection is fine, I've tried running as administrator, I've stopped all background programs like my firewall and antivirus.

Here is a photo
same thing is happening have been waiting for sumone to adddress this issue for 2 days and keep getting ignored i seriously am about to give up.
are u currently in asia trying to install the na version ??????
identical issue ,need help
Same problem, wtf? blizzard, this is bull!@#$
same problem : / i cant play : (
yeh now they updated further im also having this issue, man what did they do to this game, these issues came up in hte arcade beta too why didn't they fix them first

well I managed to fix it for me anyway although it was slightly diff, was getting .... instead of enus or ensg, (im sea so that may be why)
how did you fix it??!?!?!?
first make sure i.e. is not set to work offline, dunno why since I use firefox but helped admit i.e. might be my default.

then if its the same as mine go through the 3 data files in a txt editor, and correct the 4? I think internet addresses for some stupid glitch mine were "...." in a place not "enSG" or "enUS"
still a no go...
Can you try running StarCraft II on another User Account in Windows?
Technical Support
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