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Got my answer from Blizzard...... Tech support

As of StarCraft II Patch 1.5, OS X 10.5 will no longer be able to run StarCraft II. At this time, only 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8 will be supported until further notice. With the changes taking place to the game, 10.5 will no longer run the game as intended, and cannot be supported.

For more information on this, you can review the information at the link below:

This notice was posted approximately 2 months ago to provide our players enough time to update their operating systems. For more information on getting your OS up-to-date, please visit Apples website at

and the Forum says
We are giving players advance notice of this change to ensure Mac users have enough time to update their operating systems in preparation for the release of StarCraft II Patch 1.5. We will provide an additional update when we no longer provide technical support for Mac OS X 10.5. Mac OS X 10.6 and Mac OS X 10.7 will continue to be fully supported per the recently posted Mac OS Support policy

Well so i think i might not put my money towards blizzard any more if they are doing this to us customers......ill just buy other games........
I'm not running 10.5, I'm on 10.6; so this whole mess hasn't derailed my copy of SCII... yet.

It did get me curious, though, and I had a look at Blizzard's current policy on Mac OSes ( Here's a quote:

Going forward, our plan is to support the current version of Mac OS X and the previous major version of the Mac OS while moving into a period of “soft support” for the release prior to that. For example: When Apple releases OS X version 10.8, 10.7 will continue to be supported while 10.6 will enter a period of “soft support” and eventually become unsupported after a period of time.

Hmmmm. Well, 10.8 has already been released - so, technically, I'm already on "soft support", as they call it, and could be cut off like the 10.5 users at any time. I could upgrade my system to 10.7 or 10.8, I suppose, and be safe for a while longer; but somehow I don't relish the idea of having to spend the time, the money, and the effort to upgrade my working-just-fine-in-every-other-respect OS just for the sake of one game.

There's something unpleasant about buying a game in good faith, knowing that your system meets the game's stated system requirements, playing it without problems for a while, and then suddenly having the manufacturer put out a mandatory patch changing those requirements on the fly - no option to decline the patch, no option to refund or replace the product, nothing. It smacks of bait-and-switch. It makes me wonder when Blizzard is going to retroactively decide Wings Of Liberty requires a new graphics card, or a quad-core processor, or a Starcraft II special-game-features keyboard they happen to want to sell.

So I suppose my question to Blizzard would be: If your system requirements can be changed even after I purchase the product, and you have demonstrated to all those 10.5 users that you're willing to leave your own purchasers out in the cold, what possible incentive do I have to consider purchasing Heart Of The Swarm, or Legacy Of The Void, or indeed any future Blizzard product?

I honestly hope you guys have an answer for this, because I'd really like to believe you weren't intentionally as boneheaded as this situation makes it appear.
For the record, I went ahead and ordered OS X 10.6.3, aka, Snow Leopard.

I installed it today.

Since then my mac has been having tons of issues. The most prominent being I no longer have any sound on my computer. None. I've restarted it tons of times (trying to fix other issues) plugged in headphones, tried it on different apps, nothing. Several other things are glitched up as well.

As for SC2, forget about it. I started downloading the patch, got the first agent downloaded but now my computer gets an error message about being unable to load the Blizzard Setup and refuses to progress. I'm trying to find solutions but am not finding any. This whole, "Get Snow Leopard to fix it" thing has not only failed, but it has ruined many other aspects of my computer.

Thanks for the pro tip.
Sorry to hear but the minimum is 10.6.8 . Was running 10.6.3 from the get before they changed the requirements. Don't bother from what I hear 10.7 and 10.8 are bugged as well. Mac users where just not meant to play this game. In the future you may need a blizzard OS just to play the games.
not all of us have a ton of money.
if the whole well mac 10.5 doesnt meet our tech requrements is alowed to discontinue softwere, it essentually means that if blizzard were to take away every single opperating systems on pc and mac and then sated that u had to have a linux to play the game, it would be perfectly leagel. yes that may be in the contract but its still poor moral on blizzards part. and will the boxes sc2 comes in be changed so the requrements are right? if not thousands of 10.5 users will be instantly ripped off
Hi all-- fellow 10.5.8 user here. I also work tech support for a software company. Not Blizzard. I'm sure some of you guys might work in the software industry as well. (Hello!)

Like everyone else here, I'm pretty sad that SCII all of a sudden doesn't work anymore. I do not frequent these forums often, and did not see the post in June that Leopard would not be supported anymore. I'm sure this discussion will continue to rage; just wanted to throw a few things out there from my (devil's advocate-y) prospective:

First, Macs suck for gaming. We all know this. I'm surprised Blizzard's advice for this issue isn't more along the lines of "just buy a PC if you really care about gaming."


A. Blizzard clearly made a choice here knowing that some of us were going to get [removed].

2. You should realize that all the "this is illegal" and "I'm hiring a lawyer and suing them" and "I'm never playing SCII again" posts are just entertaining to the support staff. I get plenty of "I HATE YOUR SOFTWARE AND I HOPE YOU DIE" kinds of emails at work and there is really nothing to do but laugh.

D. You should also realize that their support staff and their decision makers, especially at a company as large as Blizzard, are many, MANY layers of bureaucracy apart. The people who made the choice to discontinue support will probably never read or hear any of these angry words. They knew some small percentage of players were going to be pissed. They have already moved on.

I guess my main point is this: Blizzard made a tough decision. But it's done now. They ultimately decided that whatever technologies were made available by not supporting Leopard were worth more than this backlash. They aren't being "greedy." They are giving the other 95%-99% of players the benefits of this decision. (I apologize in advance for any time wasted looking to confirm or refute these numbers. They are an estimation.)

At this point, they are pretty much done with this issue as far as support goes. They have given us the workaround, and probably will not give it much more thought.

So we can either upgrade, stop playing SCII, or buy a PC. That's really just the way it is. I'm still not sure about if or when I'm going to do these things. But getting angry about it is just shouting into a void.
I wish I had known this before I spent the last few hours reinstalling SC2 (thinking that was the issue because I hadn't played in forever), and before I had purchased HOTS... I guess I have to buy a new computer to play starcraft... interesting. Never expected it to cost me over a grand to play SC, O well you got me Blizzard... I love this game so much that I am willing to do whatever it takes to play... if that means a new comp then so be it... To bad they dont sell computers, might as well give them more of my money.
Lol, long time since I posted here, but just re-reading it now that 10.6 has been cancelled and 10.7 is soon-to-be obsolete, but according to the terms of agreement, Blizzard could legally release their own operating system and render windows, mac, etc. all obsolete towards playing any part of Starcraft 2.

They've done the same thing on Diablo 3.

I haven't bought Heart of the Swarm, and I don't intend to buy any Blizzard products in the future.
@DMoney why is a pc fanboy posting on the mac support forums? "Macs are terrible for gaming" is an extremely ignorant statement. Macs are actually very good for gaming because of their high processing power. The reason so many gamers like pc's is one, windows is compatible with more games then mac, and two, many gamers like to build their own computer.

Now while the first point might make pc's "better" for gaming, it does not make "macs suck for gaming". In fact if you really want to play every game out there on your mac you can download the windows software on your mac. Then you get the benefit of having a high powered computer that can run both windows and OS X.
Now while I sympathize with many of you guys about not being able to play SC2 if your system becomes outdated blizzard is perfectly in their right to stop supporting old OS's. Also they are under no obligation to spend money to try and figure out work arounds for a very specific group of people.

Many people assume that companies should bend over backwards for their customers in order for them to be good companies. This is a very shortsighted and somewhat ignorant view on the part of the consumer. Companies have to make money in order to be successful, and they have to make quite a bit of money when they get to be the size of blizzard. So with this is mind it makes very little sense why any company would devote a chunk of their income to a place where they will not make any profit. In fact they would be losing money.

So yes while all this is very annoying and frustrating that is just the way the world is.
Hmmm.. somehow the OP managed to play a game just yesterday. So I have no idea why he decided to rant on and on about this, instead of just updating the OS. Why make a nuisance of yourself and just solve the problem.
Hi Sisyphus!

Where and how did you ask for your refund?
This thread is very old, it's unlikely those posters still follow it. The bigger question is, why on earth would you still be on 10.5.8 when 10.6.8 is now free (apple has to offer it free so users can actually upgrade to 10.7-10.9).

You should update to 10.6.8, then, if computer supports it, get 10.9, if not, at least 10.7.5
Oh, I do have 10.6.8 but it is not supported for SC2 anymore either. So I thought it would still work to see how people with 10.5.8 did.

And I don't go higher because of some old software I use for work. Right now it would be unwise (I need to finish some old projects before updating and changing), and anyway, but the time I step up to the next OS, how long till it becomes unavailable for SC2?

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