Patch 1.4.4 creating problems

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I played w/ patch 1.5 fine yesterday, reinstalled my OS today and now I go to install patch 1.4.4, it loads to 100%, I type in permissions for the game, then it either hangs at StarCraft II Migration Setup, or a box pops up that is title "Starcraft II Setup" and the box has Checking for Updates... and it will just hang there with no progress on the bar.

Any help / ideas?
For mac users with the new patch it will only work with 10.6.8 or better anything less and your out of luck. This is the old bait and switch. The game was advertised to work with a minimum requirement os. Now that requirement has changed at the whim of the product producers. They have no legal disclaimer to protect them from what was stated on the box. They have to honor there agreement with the customer at the time of purchase. This is a clear cut case of fraud and a class action suit should ensue. For the time being just ask for a refund, that's what i did. As for starcraft if you like upgrade your os and continue to play. But be warned when a company gets in the habit of forcing things onto there customers that are not in the contract it's hard to stop. Next month you may have to upgrade your graphics card to meet there requirements. So my advice is to get out now and maybe leave with a little coin in your pocket. The most probable out come is they will not issue a refund but ask for one anyway. This way when the lawsuit is won you will receive compensation for the purchase price of the game.

Sincerely: A NYC corporate lawyer

P.S. You must ask for a refund if you expect to be compensated . On the other hand this
does not bar you from upgrading to a new os and continuing to play starcraft. Get paid
and continue to play starcraft got to love it.
I played with the update yesterday, I'm running 10.6
08/01/2012 08:09 PMPosted by Ares
I played with the update yesterday, I'm running 10.6

Yep, they still support 10.6.8 somewhat, but it's only soft support.
Ares, im having identical problem but i do not have a mac, i have tried everything including completely re-installing the game...have run out of things to try...
Hey Sysiphus,

I'm in the same boat as all the other mac players that can't play because of patch 1.4.4. How did you ask for a refund on the game? Did you email? Call?


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