Please Welcome Cloaken!

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Please join me in welcoming the newest member of the US community team Cloaken!

You may have noticed a new blue has decloaked and gone to work on the forums. Cloaken comes to us with a deep love of StarCraft II and the eSports community. He’ll be here posting and serving as a conduit of information while steering this intergalactic battlecruiser into the Heart of the Swarm and beyond. In between the normal community manager functions of meeting with developers, writing feature articles, and attending live events, he’ll be joining us here on the forums discussing Blizzard games with all of you.

Welcome, Cloaken!
Welcome! :>
Welcome to the team, Cloaken! :)
Welcome aboard, Cloaken!

(FYI, new guy pays for lunch. Surf and Turf I say!)
He needs to emp faster :)) those immortals arent going down fast enough XD and hehe welcome CLoaken
When Cloaken gets his sight on something, he's able to take it on with astonishing accuracy (point, aim, exhale, etc.). I'm really happy to have him as a part of our team. He's a good man with a deep passion for StarCraft, and I think the community will learn that quite quickly.

Welcome, Cloaken!
CM qualification exam:

Who wins in a fight to the death: Arthas or Kerrigan?

Tread lightly.
Tocayo! :D.
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/salute, all!

Thanks for the warm welcome. :) I gotta say, it's an absolute honor to be a part of such a amazing team of talented people, and to be working on behalf of one of the greatest gaming franchises of all time! It's a humbling thing.

I look forward to serving you all in the best ways possible. There is so much to look forward to when it comes to StarCraft and all things Blizzard!
Welcome Cloaken!
Welcome, Cloaken!

I see the avatar, and my brain is going "Boom. Headshot."
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Welcome Cloaken!

Great to have you here.

Love the portrait :>
Welcome home, Cloaken.

Now please hurry up and accept my game request, so we can have some sweet ZvT action!
CM qualification exam:

Who wins in a fight to the death: Arthas or Kerrigan?

Tread lightly.

Hordes of undead clash against the swelling mass of the Zerg swarm. With mysterious battle-sense, the raging armies part to open as their Masters brazenly enter the arena. The sounds of war slowly dwindle as opposing sides obediently cease their fighting.

An icy grip is tightened around the pulsing hilt of Frostmourne.
In horrific beauty, the skeletal wings of the Queen arch high against a smoke filled sky.


Then, all at once the monoliths collide, backed by a sea of countless minions. The lost souls of thousands scream allegiance to Arthas, as the collective heartbeat of the swarm thumps in time with Kerrigan’s.

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