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Hi I usually play in the SEA region but a few days after the patch my profile seemed to have been converted over to NA. My achievements have reset along with all my profile data. This wouldn't have been a problem pre patch (1.5.0) because there used to be an option on the login screen giving the player the ability to change between SEA and NA. Now after the patch the option seems to have been taken away and battle net won't let me change it on the wed site either. Help please I don't know what I've done, how do I change my region?
Try opening the launcher.db file and changing it from enUS to enSG. Let me know if that helps.
I have tried opening that file on the mac, it only opens with terminal and doesn't do anything. Is there another file somewhere I could try altering like a config.xml file or something? I'll keep looking in the meantime.
When you open your client, try logging in with the wrong password. It will then give you an error and ask you to try again.

At this point on the left you should see a button pop up that says "region", you can click on that to choose between SEA and NA.
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I have tried opening that file on the mac, it only opens with terminal and doesn't do anything. Is there another file somewhere I could try altering like a config.xml file or something? I'll keep looking in the meantime.

Make sure your right-clicking the item and selecting Open With > TextEdit.
thanks for the advice, however both of the above methods don't work, it seems that this option is unavailable on mac and you would have to download a separate client for each region
Same thing happened to me (pc) and logging into the battle site it redirected me to the us battle site... cant find a way around yet..
that is if you can download the client mine diverts to the us
@Machkhan What should you change it to for Europe? I tried enEU, but it didn't work. Thanks.
You shouldn't be changing to Europe. What are you trying to do?
When will a complete region change be available. Same here, I have EU version SC2, cannot change at all on mac. Tried all ideas above.
It's logging me into the wrong region, how do I change that? I should be US but it's whatever GB is.
Ok, got it working now...

Follow the intructions in this post:

Don't know if the applications will work because they are in .NET, install the latest patch and it will ask for your region next time you start the client.

I will paste the instructions here if it's not allowed to post URL's to another sites.
thanks to Tazerenix on for the info!

Make sure you make a backup of any and all files you delete or replace!

The first thing you'll need to do is download the following file and get the region you wish to relocalise to and replace the corrosponding files in your Starcraft II installation with them.

List of server codes:
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(America) enUS - English | North America & Australia
(America) esMX - Spanish | Mexico
(America) ptBR - Portuguese | Brazil
(Europe) enGB - English | United Kingdom
(Europe) frFR - French | France
(Europe) deDE - German | Germany
(Europe) esES - Spanish | Spain
(Europe) plPL - Polish | Poland
(Europe) ruRU - Russian | Russia
(Europe) itIT - Italian | Italy
(Korea) koKR - Korean | Korea
(Korea) zhTW - Traditional Chinese | Taiwan
(China) zhCN - Simplified Chinese | China
(South East Asia) enSG - English | Singapore

Files to replace:

/Mods/Core.SC2Mod/Product.SC2Archive with Product.SC2Archive
/.agent.db with .agent.db
/Launcher.db with Launcher.db

Once you have downloaded and replaced these files, You'll need to delete the three files

Starcraft II Cache.mfil
Starcraft II.mfil
Starcraft II.tfil

Once these files have been deleted, and you have replaced your Product.SC2Archive, .agent and Launcher files with the ones of the region you want to relocalise to, you need to open your Starcraft II client and let it download the latest patch in the server which you want to relocalise to.

NOTE: You'll only have to download the patch once, after which you will be able to change between installed regions without repatching it

Once this patching is complete (or has reached the green status), you'll need to go through the last process of entering your Documents/Starcraft II/variables.txt file and changing the following to directives to the server which you relocalised to:

If you relocalised to TW for example:


With that, you can now load up and play on the other server.

To change between servers, you need to change the Product.SC2Archive file to the server which you wish to log in to, and then change the variables.txt directives mentioned above to the server which you wish to play on. My friend is currently making a tool to do this with a few clicks.

I know this is a pretty !@#$ty process compared to the old method, and it doesn't let you use your native language, but from what I can tell it's the only method right now due to disabling MPQ editing, and it saves you about 14 GB in downloads from getting a new client + patch, so until a better method of relocalising comes out, you can use this.
Why does it have to be this hard? I'd be happy to just stay as my old region. But now I'm stuck in US.
With the latest patch, you should gave the option on the opening screen. If you have it set to remember your email address you will need to hit cancel and then you should see the button appear above the other ones on the left side.
This isn't live yet in North America.
still can't.. tried even the one suggested by abraxas.. hmmm.. :(
If you're in an Oceanic/SEA region trying to switch to SEA, please read this sticky:
I accidentally downloaded the EU version when I am in US, and I already beat the campaign on brutal, but when I switched regions, it didn't save my progress, or achievements or anything. Is there any way to transfer them over?

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