How do you change regions?

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Checking on this.
Nope. Game data (achievements, campaign progress, etc.) is done by region. No way for this to be copied over.
This is such bull!@#$. There's no bloody good reason why they don't just let us switch regions, or at least make regions less important, e.i. something that doesn't become an obstacle. Reminds me of the time I had to buy WoW twice just to play on American servers.

Does anyone know if, at least, I can still chat with people in other regions without jumping through a million hoops?
Huh? You should be able to switch regions now, but ladder rankings, achievements, etc are stored by region only.

Are you having issues switching to another region to play?
I have the same kind of issue of sorenzo ,Machkhan, and I don't find that funny at all, I play Starcraft and Warcraft since about 15 year, and theyres always something that cause me headakes for details like accidently changing region because of one of your update , and thinking ive lost all my achivement and saving, NO LAN MULTIPLAYER ,the only ways I used to play with my friend with spawn version, now my friends have all buy the 60$ starcraft copy and still have to pass a lot of time making it work, and now i have all my saved in EU version,i don't know why, and I have to connect on US version to play with one of my friend and it's not my achivement, Theyre is no way you can say Huh? like everything is OK. I will love the game Starcraft for life but the way treat theyre good custumer like me(ive buy 4 times starcraft 1 and 2 time warcraft 2 because cd scratch, starcraft 2 wol, and heart of the swarm)discuss me.And other good exemple is that ive bought heart of the swarm 2 month before in presale at 40$, never got a beta key to try before ,and the day it was in store...39.99$ no rebate at all to pay before...WOW!don't think Im gonna buy in presale in futur....

All that to tell you that you cannot be arrogant like that.And I write all this here because you have no free phone support!!!
Always remember why Blizzard's making money:the good customer's that like the game and promote freely your game by talking about it.

Starcraft campaign : NO PROBLEM lots of problem

sorry for my bad english
Have you tried completely logging out from battlenet, then, it takes you to this small login screen, just at the top you can select your region.
Selecting the region through this way should fix this problem, whereas if already logged in and selecting the region it because you are already logged on, this doesn't.
how can i change my region from china to us, i already tried to reinstall the battle net, but it doesn't work, my region was still in china
hi , I just buy this games and just auto select China region to me . And I cant open an account in China .So can I go back the US & south asia region?
Hey Uaremysheep,

In the future please create a new post instead of responding to such an old one.

To help the App and game show the right region delete the Blizzard App and StarCraft II folders listed below.

• Delete the Blizzard App folders
    1) Use Activity Monitor to quit all Agent,, and game processes.
    2) Using Finder, click the Go menu and select Computer.
    3) Navigate to the /Users/Shared
    4) Delete the and Blizzard folder.

• Delete the StarCraft II setting folder
    1) Open the Finder
    2) Click on Go menu and select Go to folder
    3) Type: ~/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/
    4) Then press Go
    5 Delete the StarCraft II folder

• Launch Blizzard App. Select the region you want to log in to on the Log in screen and log in to the Blizzard App. There may be a little bit of a delay as new versions of the files are installed.
Note: If the Blizzard App does not show the games installed click on the Locate next to the Play button. Then navigate to were the game is installed.

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