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I follow the main force to the fight, and become frustrated with the situation quickly.

"If you all must insist upon this pointless fighting, then I will try to end it." I begin blasting aside roaches and hydralisks alike, and head towards the two battling giants.
"There is one other brood in the mix? The fighting still continues? Goodness, I underestimate these youngsters. I must observe the battle."
The probe hovered idly.
It was grumpy.

They had been about to penetrate a zerg primary hive cluster when the plot hole had opened. It had swallowed High Templar Cazil entirely. And and unwitting Discord, who had been (at the time) within a Kadarin Crystal that Cazil had with him.

Cazil had been overjoyed to find this place.
A Temple of Dragoon. One of the locations that wounded or sometimes even dead Protoss were given a chance to once again serve the Protoss.

His excitement had dimmed once they had realized that there was no way out. Sure, there was a pair of ENORMOUS doors at one end of the facility, but they were stone and refused to move.

For some reason, the place had only very limited power. This was likely due to the damage to the Nexus, but one could never tell.

That was why, 37 Weeks ago, Cazil had entered one of the Protoss Cryogenics chambers along the wall. There had only been five, and three of those five had been damaged... somehow.

But Discord could not enter cryo. He was a machine. Standby mode held no interest for Discord, it made him feel woozy, for lack of a better word.

His only real job was to make sure that Cazil did not die in the Cryogenics chamber.

They were designed to work for several thousand years without thaw, so Discord was not all that optimistic about having anything to do for a LONG time.

And then there was the choice of vessel. A probe.
This place had been made before the invention of the replicant, and since Discord could not stand the thought of being in a computer unable to move for a few thousand years... he had chosen a probe.

It felt so limiting, but it was better than being landlocked.

Nothing to do but wait.
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We don't have many Protoss with Zanon gone

How about that. Started reading form page one and saw this.
--Now all I have to do is figure out all these zerg characters X_X

Shadowfury leads his brood of hydralisks thingies

Ko leads his specialized roaches

Nikola leads his brood with Calek.

I lead my brood that deal with poison, virology and espionage

We all hate each other.
Thank you for that short and concise summary.
You are welcome, I can go deeper if you want.

By the way, how is Digger doing? That smelly thing still mad?
As for Terran-

Shield Generator is up.

I have CrymsonRaven who is mortally injured.
Zarkun is protoss, inside our dome right now.
Digger is flying Zanon's Phoenix. You can find the post in: the new bar part 2
As Calek moves toward the two, he feels the ground shaking...

Kayoh bursts out of the ground beneath him, roaring loud enough to be heard inside the Terran dome.

Eating different Zerg grants different powers - consuming Roaches increases Kayoh's size, giving greater strength and life. He can shed extra pounds in the form of Broodlings if needed.
My lungs felt like they were collapsing, I was taking hard shallow breaths.
Zarkun, we're kind of waiting on you.
I do not have a Brood. Just refined class 10 psionic powers and anger :P
And a giant Roach unburrowing under you.
The queen arrives on the battlefield and surveys the fighting on a safe distance. "It appears the virus did a number on them. That volatility can be useful in the future."
And no good method through which to RP at this point in time :P I might be able to post properly in a couple of hours, but until then: DON'T FREAKING KILL ME!!!!!!!1111!!1!1!!ONE!!1!1
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I'll just say this...


Calek was knocked over by Kayoh's unburrowing beneath him. The giant roach proceeded to unleash a flood of acid...
The High Templar extracted the worst of the Toxins, and the place a kaydarin crystal on his chest, keeping what was left at bay. "High Prelate Daalis, we must hurry and find some way to transfer this Terran into a stalker or, the gods allowing, a dragoon. He has no hope otherwise." I nod and turn to the Terran who'd brought his friend to us. "I feel great energy beneath this place. Is there a way down below?"
"Oddly enough, our machine haven't been able to penetrate past a certain line. You guys could definitely try finding an alternate path down."
My voice was raspy but they could still hear it. "There are some *Cough* Goliath s down in the workshop that you could use. All you would have to do is add some of your tech to it."

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