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08/11/2012 02:05 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
All you would have to do is add some of your tech to it

Sarcasm mode: ON
"Oh yea... I just need to write a few million lines of code so that the new tech you just decided to slap onto my perfectly functional war machine works. Not to mention the new buttons I'm going to have to add to the already jam-packed control boards so that you can use the stuff while driving. I'll get right on that."
I approach the Terran who had been wounded. "I must first see if I can find a way to power underneath. The creation of the Dragoon was lost to us with the fall of Aiur. For now, trust that our kaydarin crystal will be enough to sustain you." I motion to the Zealots. "5 of you come with me, the rest stay as well as you, my brothers and the Stalkers." They all nod and walk away, except the five Zealots and the Templar who would ensure the safe travel of the wounded Terran. "Do any Terran wish to accompany us?"
I start to cough harder, my breaths deeper. "Are you sure that this is a good idea?" As one of the Zealots walk up to me.
"It is the best I can do, Terran. There are rumor's that a Temple of Dragoon was left on this world, and this energy may be exactly it." I turn towards the hatch. "I say again, do any Terran's wish to accompany us?"
Discord had begun searching the facility's computer systems.
Only a few terabytes of data a second though... no use going through things too fast.

The seismology machines suddenly caught Discord's interest.

He began searching through data.
That first constant activity had likely been when mining (most likely by terrans) had occurred.

Odd. The readings suddenly got bigger. Almost like they had gone from mining blasts to military grade explosives. Rapidly... Perhaps a battle had been fought?

Yes. The readings had persisted for more than a day. And there were lulls. Like waiting for a next wave to come.

But Terrans did not attack in waves like that. But Zerg do.
How interesting.

Moving on.

Off the scale reading. To powerful to be a natural occurrence. Perhaps a meteor? No... It was a sustained reading, not a lone impact.

Perhaps it had been a Purification beam from orbit?
Referencing data from sensors
. . .
Reference complete.

Again no... the planet would have torn itself apart, and no fluctuations with the gravitational readings were recorded.

A mystery.

This might keep him busy for a few hours.
I think this got slightly forgotten.
"Alright. I'll bring a couple of miners along to help with brute work."
Zarkun & CrymsonRaven

You arn't gone... Why aren't you posting? My character is waiting for you to reach the underground place.
My character can't really do anything, kinda waiting on Zarkun.
I could always attack the dome.

Send forth all legions. Do not stop the attack until the city is taken. Slay them all.

But what of the Protoss, lord Kayoh?

I will BREAK him.

A huge horde of Roaches heads for the dome city.
The ground where the roach army charges all blow up in a spectacular fashion. Black liquid falls from the skies and land on the surviving roaches.

(You have stepped inside an exploder landmine)
What. The. ^#%$.

A Vultroach eats the dead Roaches, converting them into Minims (small weak Roaches).
The ones covered in the blacknliquid begin to attack the other roaches not covered in the liquid, spreading the liquid to the uninfected. They are also more aggressive.

The vault roach suddenly collapses as a black liquid streams out of its mouth.
It's a Roach with vulture DNA incorporated. It has a cartoonishly massive resistance to any form of poison or disease.
Doesn't grant immunity to biologically engineer viruses.
"Then we leave now." I lead the group out the hatch we had come in, the remaining members of my force taking up positions to assist in protecting the dome. Leading the way, we head deep into the caves before coming to a set of stone doors. "This could be problatmatic. Do we have a way to open it?"
I was coughing harder again. I was being carried by one of the Zealots. "I don't know, I thought you would know. Maybe it requires energy to open." I cough again.
I said cartoonishly resistant. That means: unaffected by anything it eats. Struck with something, maybe damage. Eaten; nothing.
Ahh, that is what you meant.

The overlords spews creep on the roaches.
"Perhaps you are right, Terran." I rest my hand on the doors and flood them with energy. Almost immediately, they react and open. "By the gods..." Inside was precisely what I had hoped, a temple of Dragoon. "Quickly, my brothers, get the Terran inside. He needs what it can do for him." The Zealot rushes inside, followed by the High Templar, the only other Protoss here besides myself who knew how to activate it.

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