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We should wait for Zanon now Zarkun. And I suggest a Goliath later, the Dragoon seems big and bulky, clumsy, the movement pattern hasn't been fixed since BW (Sorry, I had to do that). And in my opinions, I don't see how a Dragoon will affect a Terran.

IC: "Protoss you even sure that this is even going to work, I mean, the Dragoons were specifically used for Protoss."
I walk in and pause, then motion for the High Templar to not activate it. "You're right. Brother, go get a Terran to pilot one of their Goliaths here. Perhaps we can integrate the two." Nodding, the Zealot runs back to the dome and begins asking around.
Discord beeps loudly to draw attention to the probe.
I see the probe and approach it. "En taro Tassadar, loyal probe. Are there others here?"
That's right. I was supposed to wake Cazil.

The probe hurries off to a far corner and deactivates the cryo pod.
That is what the sleeping mind registers without any input.

The first tingles of sensation are like swords. The environment has not changed in... How long? There is no way to know at this point.

The new sensations of the air are painful because they are different. I know that will pass.

The light will seem to bright but everything will be clearer and sharper. Not because the world has changed but because you are now seeing more.

Those are some of the pains and wonders of waking up.

... The Kala. Such a relief. It's constant presence is a comfort.

Wait. The minds of other Protoss are close. No, that is not odd. I instructed Discord to wake me when there was a way out. He must have.

I open my eyes and see the world around me.
I form a shield around myself, protecting me while the acid flows by. I Burrow while it is covering me, and emerge behind the confused monstrosity. I climb onto its back, and begin cutting through its carapace with psionically charged claws.
I had followed the probe, and see it awakening another High Templar from cryo sleep. Thank Adun. Perhaps he can help with our dilemma. Just then, the Zealot returns with a Terran piloting one of their Goliath's. "Good, get it to the Temple of Dragoon. The Terran needs it." Nodding he leads the other Terran to the Temple. As the Terran climbs out, the Temple begins to disassemble the Goliath and form a body for the Terran from both Protoss and Terran technology.
A Scroach disgorges a Scourge that rams into an overlord, destroying it. Several others do likewise.
Discord manipulated the machines expertly.

The terran's new body would be grand indeed. But it would serve Discord's own plans nicely. Cazil would have no idea how long he had been in cryo, and how much Discord had interfased with the various systems here.

None of them would.

This could be fun indeed.
I started to wake up, energy was surrounding me. I felt like I was in darkness, and in light. "Wh..at is going on?" As he was waking up. He realized what was going on. "What is going on!"
"Be still Terran. We are doing the only thing that can save you." The High Templar was watching over his Terran charge, ensuring nothing went wrong with the process.
Discord would have smiled if a probe could. The terran would be disorientated and would likely trip on his first or second step.

It would take some getting used to for him.
A Nydus Worm suddenly accidentally burrows into the room.

Feeling the tremors, I run out of the room and see the nydus worm. "My brothers, keep the Zerg away from the Temple!" I activate my claymore and step between the mouth and temple.
A Stomper lumbers out of the worm. It sees the tiny sword wielding creature and grins a stupid grin. So much fun to smash the little things!

It aims a powerful blow at the tiny thing.
OOC: I hope it wasn't a named character :)

I am still seeing things more clearly than normal, so I got to see the nidus worm penetrate the floor in detail.

No! The temple!

I force myself out of the tube and begin to float. It is difficult to gather the focus needed for a psi-storm, but I must... For the temple and for all the lives it could save.
I must...
The stomper emerges from the worm while I struggle to gather the concentration I need.
I must...
I feel the energy surge within me. Finally what I need to destroy the zerg.
I shall!


I unleash the psi-storm upon the nidus worm and it screams in pain as it's tiny mind is torn asunder.
The stomper was at the edge of the psi-storm radius, so it is not killed like the nidus worm, but instead it stumbles.
Rolling out of the way, I leap onto the stomper's large head and thrust my sword into it, killing it instantly. Leaping off the body, I see the High Templar who had been in stasis. "En taro Tassadar, brother. How long did you sleep?"
I was trapped in the machine. "HEY, WHATS GOING ON OUT THERE!"
"The process is nearly complete, Terran. Be patient." The High Templar activated the final processes necessary for the Terran's new shell to activate. "You shall be the first Terran dragoon, and you shall be honored as such."
"Oh come on, first Terran Dragoon. You got to be kidding me."

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