Wrath of the Firstborn v3

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If it helps, a goliath is being integrated in.
"Cease your complaints terran. If my brothers had not judged you worthy, I would have smote you the second I saw you in that machine. You are receiving a gift lost to the Protoss for many years."
"What do you mean by lost? You mean to tell me that this is going to be the first time that a Dragoon is made once again?"
I enter the room and look at the nearly complete shell. "Indeed Terran. When Aiur fell, we lost the ability to create dragoons. Now that we've found it, you''re being saved the only way we could. One of your Terran Goliaths is being integrated to make this easier for you."

Kayoh considers a moment.

Surely my fallen brothers will unite with me now, despite our conflict. CALEK! GARBLAD! INSIDIA! A Dragoon Shrine has been uncovered beneath the dome! You MUST ready your forces and destroy this before the Protoss can recover it! My worms approach it as we speak... send your own, and we shall together smite the enemy!

Several more Nydus Worms burst from the walls of the Shrine and unleash a swarm of various Roach breeds.
The new shell was complete. "So, how do I control this thing? And what weapons are on this bad boy."
A giant Hydralisk head pops in the middle of the Dragoon shrine and a large amount of Hydralisks pour out, but most get confused and start killing the Roaches as well.
"I...... I do not know whether to go.... The Dragoons are holy symbols to the Protoss, but they are powerful war-machines. I will go... As a diplomat!" (/lol)

I head through the Nydus Worm to the Shrine, ready to stop the conflict.
My sword was alive in my hand, killing the strange worm that had deployed the hydralisks, then laying into the hydralisks and the roaches. The High Templar destroys the other worms, and then proceeds to unleash psi storms on the roaches.
OOC: I am thinking on how weird a Goliath combined with a Dragoon would look.

IC: I stand up and I take one step forward. "How do I arm this thing!?"
"It is already armed, Terran! Simply use the joysticks and triggers to fire." I duck a hydralisk's claw, coming up and cutting it in two.
I was connected inside of my new shell. "Will I ever be able to live without this ever again?" The Auto Cannons turned on, and so did the Phase Disruptor. "Why don't you look at that, I have me self a Phase Disruptor." I started to open fire, the shot of plasma came out slower, but it had a splash radius.
A Vultroach devours a slain worm and creates a swarm of Minims.
The Phase Disruptor was acting like a flamethrower. "Nice." They were making the Minims extra crispy and black.
Spotting the strange roach, I leap onto it's back, plunging my sword deep into it. "Become one with the Void!" I leap off it's dead body, engaging another stomper.

OOC: KO, is the Vultroach an unfortunate incident with a vulture and a roach?


I opened fire with a mining laser I had picked up, frying through the Zerg. Compared to Faloria and the Protoss I was just tickling the Zerg, but that was ok.
I get to the end to find a collapsed tunnel and a dead Nydus. I blast away the debris, and enter the battle.

"Everyone, please stop. This fighting is something to be resolved through peaceful means."
One of the parts from the Goliath was a arm, the Auto Cannons were on the shoulders, and the Plasmathrower was attached to the arm. "Roast." The stream of plasma came out once more.
I laugh at the Hydralisks hopes. "War is not settled by talks. And I refuse to lose this temple to the likes of you!" I finish off the stomper, and attack another hydralisk.
"I have no choice then." At this my eyes glow and I begin hovering slightly.

"DIE! DIE YOU VIOLENT IMBECILES!" I begin blasting apart Zerg and Protoss alike, approaching the strange combination of technology at the far wall.
I turned towards Calak, the Auto Cannons were firing onto him, and the plasmathrower was coating the ground near him. "We have ourselves a lively one."

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