Wrath of the Firstborn v3

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Suddenly I am between the arrogant hydralisk and the dragoon. "You will go no further. Leave and I will spare you."
Another Hydralisk head pops up and Insida walks through. "That machine is an abomination of Terran and Protoss technology!" Insidia yells.
"I will not allow this creation to kill many more. And do not assume you can stop me."

I form a shield around myself and fire a large blast of energy at the machine.
"War calls for change. And change we have accepted. You are one to speak, abomination." I strike at the Queen, making her back up. I then intercept the blast with my blade, redirecting it at a group of roaches. The High Templar uses Psi Storm, disabling the shield. "You are a coward, hydralisk."

OOC: I am confused ._.

You said you stood in front of me, and then Insidia appeared. So you teleported out of the way of the psionic attacking your machine.

I do not compute.



IC: "How am I a coward? For attacking the larger target, forming a shield? The former is simply good attack plans in this situation, while the latter is something you Protoss do yourselves."

I reform my shield, and knock the irksome one aside. I fire off several spines at the machine's joints, all exploding on impact.
"The Hydralisk has always been the strongest strain of Zerg. The foolish swarm thinks otherwise." Insida moves back. But she fires a large spine, as it impacts your shield it blows into several tiny pieces, smashing into nearby creatures.
The Hellstorm Batteries were prepped and they were aimed straight at the Hydralisk, he even aimed the Auto Cannon at him. The Plasmathrower was coating Zerg to my right.

The spines hit the joints and the machine I am in kneels over. "Just for your information, I ain't a Protoss." I said over the speaker control.
I was assuming that Insidia was relatively close to where I was already standing. Still am.
Everyone here is a ninja >.>
Insidia yells past the Protoss. "It is still a abomination of mechanics!" She slashes with her two sickle claws. "Garblad will arrive with the Hydra."
Bring down that accursed traitor to the Swarm.

Several dozen Overlords assault Calek's mind, bringing him under their dominion.
I could hear the voice but I wanted to piss Insidia off. "WHAT WAS THAT AGAIN!" I said through the voice panel.
"Not if I close his entrance. Now, my brethren!" Two Zealots kill the worm, leaving Garblad trapped.
OOC: Several Overlords brought down a class 10 or 11 Psionic. With no resistance. >.> Lol.
Insidia smashes the Protoss out of the way. "We have more than one of the worms. They are all ready to come and reach through, the next one is coming soon. And the Hydra with it." Insidia starts cackling.
Read: attempted. And it was several dozen.

A massive Lumberer decides the Goloon looks like a tasty snack and charges, shaking the ground with its footsteps.
"And I shall slay it along with the rest of your twisted kind!" I leap at Calek, knocking him to the ground as the roaches acid passes through the air where he'd just been. "If you truly advocate peace, then flee this place. Our Temple is too great a threat for these to give up their quest."
The Hellstorm Missiles were aimed at Insidia. "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" I fire off all of the missiles that were in the compartment.
It was.



IC: I struggle against the Overlords control, attempting to break free.

"Idiot! I am trying to destroy that abomination of a machine! Let me free!"

DAMN YOU KNARLED!!!!!!!!!!!1

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