Wrath of the Firstborn v3

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Insida braces the hit. She was crippled but not killed. A tremor is heard as a large Hydralisk head pops up. The Hydra exits out of it. One of its head looking at the Dragoon, one looking at Insidia, and one looking at Calek. Several locusts start to swarm around Insidia and bring her back to the Hydralisk worm. "We are the Hydra."
What can I say? Kayoh is zealous about PEOPLE WHO KILL HIS MINIONS.
Before Insidia makes it into the Nydus, I fire a volley of Auto Cannon fire into her body. "What a !@#$%."
"NO! That is that Terran's only hope of survival." Seeing the Hydra, I stand up. "You are an abomination, even in the eyes of the Swarm. You shall join your brethren in the Void." I charge it, leaping up slashing one of it's eyes.
The Hydra focuses all of its heads on the Dragoon. "YOU DARE HARM OUR MOTHER IN OUR PRESENCE!" It fires three large spines at the dragoon. It slashes the Protoss's arm as it stabs its eye. "We despise the swarm."
"And we will rule..."

I blast apart several of the Overlords, and break free. I blast apart some of the temple by the Dragoon, knocking several tons of rubble off of the wall above it.
I activate the shields but they break. The machine stumbles back from the impact. "What is that thing!"
"We are the Hydra. We are the ultimatum of the Hydralisks." It replies. It retreats back into the Hydralisk worm. Carrying Insidia back to Garblad to heal her wounds.
I roll away, the scratch long but shallow. Seeing the strike, I blast Calek with Void energy. "Leave this place. I will not let you desecrate our temple!" Turning back to the Hydra, I watch it retreat. "COWARD!"
A piece of rubble came down, the arm caught it but it was straining. "!@#$, %^-* , !@#$."
Seeing the Dragoon, I go help it move the rubble. I then turn to Calek, the only Zerg still alive. "I give you one last chance to leave."
OOC: What does this thing look like? How much Dragoon, and how much Goliath. I am picturing it in my head and it's looking pretty meh if you take into account of each part and stuff.

IC: "Will I ever be able to leave this thing again?"
I face the Terran. "I do not know. Our warriors of old never could, and the poison in your body was lethal enough to possibly remain in your system for the rest of your life."

OOC: Think AC quad%*@%d mech
So something like this? If so then I have a lot of retro fitting to do. I just don't like how the actual Dragoon looks, you know?


!@#$ that's long.
"Do not put that machine into battle, and the Terran will live."

I return to the dead Nydus worm, blasting a tunnel out in the middle of it. I emerge by the dome, and rest to heal my wounds an recuperate.

Edit: Yahoo doesn't work for that. Only brings me to the main page.
I watch Calek leave. "This Terran is allowed to do as he see's fit." I inspect the damage to the Temple then turn to another Zealot. "Go retrieve an SCV. The Terran's will know what you mean." Nodding, he leaves.
I will say this, I think that the actual Dragoon looks clunky and stuff, so that's why I said major retro fit, I like the Goliath top and stuff, with the arm, shoulders and etc.
Kayoh lets out a hiss of anger.

My weak, traitorous brethren have failed me. It falls to my brood to destroy this great threat. It will be done! I will win the love of the Queen of Blades! Overlords. Make the Dragoon Shrine a drowned relic.

A Nydus Worm tunnels through the creep until it emerges in one of the seas trapped beneath Luthen's infested surface.

Another worm, connected directly to it, burrows towards the Dragoon Shrine...
"Discord! All power to one of the pylons. Hack the warpgates and get me everyone on rout relocated to right there!" *Points*

*Psistorms where I pointed at*


I hack the warp system using override codes that I took from the templar archives in the room.
Success. Sweet success.

A dozen zealots warp in with five stalkers following.

---This will keep up so long as the pylon has power---
I see my brethren warping in and sigh. "Thank you brother. May I get your name?"

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