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I think a Dragoon could survive underwater.

Sorry if my previous post came across as... overly irate.
Survive yes. Move? Probably not.
Science time.

Actually yes. It would likely be able to move underwater. So long as you can beat the water resistance (what you do when you swim), a dragoon could do because it was designed to move. The water would be extra, but not insurmountable resistance.

If something is air tight, we know it is water tight. So no problem there.
BUT can it take the water pressure? (you would think so)

In the hilarious category, would the shield keep the air trapped within? This may cause he dragoon to float like one of those plastic bubbles.
---Reminder that this exists---
Curses. But despite this, I shall still triumph! Heb-reb!

A small creature seemingly composed of slime slithers up to the massive Roach. "Yes, Boss?"

Find how the Terrans and Protoss entered the Shrine, and when you have found the entrance, alert me so that I may destroy it.

"I hear and obey, mighty one," says the Changeling. However, his plans are slightly different.
I watch the SCVs work to repair the damage done to the Dragoon and sigh. While this is not what I had hoped for in the activation of this place, it would do for now.
Heb-reb makes his way into the dome in the form of a Terran. He is not the first Changeling to slip by the Terran defenses... but the others were caught a short while later. He is a bit different, though...
I know it's a Necro, but this thing should...LIVE! I even have another character for it. So, should we continue this one, or start a new one?

Edit- To hell with it, I'm making a V4.

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