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Chris Carter (Like every version of this RP)
Scientific Engineering Smart Guy That I Have No I Idea What The Profession Is Called

08/01/2012 06:26 PMPosted by wfawwer
T-t-t-the C-ccr-crash.

What's up with that?
I asked what RP HBRB destroyed everything within a 10 mile radius.
Name: Garblad, the King of Hydralisks
Race: Zerg
Zerg Species: Hydralisk with Mutalisk wings to increase his speed and give him some gliding ability.
Weapons: Claws and poisonous spines.
Backstory: The Hydralisks always had intelligence, the Queens just made sure they never spawned with it, but one Queen made a mistake one day and a Hydralisk birthed with its intelligence, the Hydralisk always has at least one Overlord keeping complete focus one him just in case he went feral and berserk. His Overlord was shot down. His mind powerful. He slowly evolved the Hydralisks to be nearly as intelligent as he was. He also morphed all normal Zerg species to be a monstrous morph between it and a Hydralisk. He now splices DNA often with his queen Insidia.
Appearance: Four armed Hydralisk with the wings of a Mutalisk.

Name: Insidia, the Queen of Hydralisks
Race: Zerg
Zerg Species: Morphed Hydralisk Queen.
Weapons: Claws and Spines.
Backstory: Was born to help Garblad. Her abilities not limited as much as a normal Queens. She is very protective of her Hives.
I should be the Changeling just in case HBRB is watching]

"No. He will find where you live and pull you inside out."
So now that we have enough people, more then enough I do believe, can we get rolling?
C%#!!, I'm going to have to search for the origional thread jsust to get my sniper character... brb.

EDIT: Wait, I'm thinking of a different RP. Nvm, I'll just look at the first post and make a new character than.
Lol very nice.
The RP I was thinking of was the RP in which Zanon's Immortal character who sadly I can't remember right now. And I see there's a lot of Zerg love right now, so I guess I'll either be a zealot or something in the Terran group.
I went DT myself. Gonna love it.
"You are thinking Battle of Amerigo and such."
Should I bring him back in from version 2 which died due to some stupid things.

Name: Faloria Stratus
Race: Terran
Age: 27
Role: Scavenger
Backstory: Was once a miner but when the Zerg started to breed the mines were no longer the place I wanted to work in, so I became a scavenger to help obtain supplies for our colony.
Weapon: Only a revolver

Or the one I made just before it died and test him out.

Character Sheet
Name: Taleem
Race: Protoss
Age: 384
Role: Ranger
Description: Volunteered for a new warrior program under the Zealot Caste, this new warrior program trained Zealots in the use of a newly invented Psi Rifle. The Pulse Rifle was copied from the potent Terran Gauss Rifle. Since they were all Zealots they can still use there Psi Blades.
This RP has the feel of the Aliens movie. Humans trapped in enclosed facility withnaliens. I might want to join.
Mecha on version two, Faloria died because the "Doctor" left the forums. But it looks like wfawwer is starting this over again. So I might go with Faloria. I could also bring in Diethelm from smylez's Invasion RP.
I sat in the workshop, surrounded by spare parts as I worked to transform a mining laser into a weapon that might be able to kill a zergling. We were figuring out new things every day- just a week ago we transformed about 15 feet of our dome into a baneling deathtrap, with spikes designed to pierce through their carapace.

That didn't stop them from coming though. I opened a drawer on my desk and searched around for a power cell of a higher voltage. Finding one, I delicately placed it inside the laser, picked it up and walked out the door.
wfawwer, can you give me some advice. Should I go ahead and go with Faloria again or test out that Protoss I made which I couldn't test out on the other one. Or I could use both of them.
I gave you Faloria.

Up to you, really. We don't have many Protoss with Zanon gone...
I woke up from a nightmare once again. The Zerg were relentless, and they would never stop. I got up and got dressed in my work clothes and I started to make a list of parts we are going to be needed soon.

OOC: {This means Radio.}

IC: {Travis, this is Faloira. I made a list of parts were are going to need to fix some of the equipment that he Zerg trashed. And if we are lucky we might even come across a new power supply for the generator.}
{Alright, send it over. I'll see what supplies we have. I'll be at the east side of the dome, gonna go grab a bite to eat then relieve someone.}
I sat deep in meditation as more of my brethren warped into our new forward base. I had seen attempts to cleanse this planet long enough to know that before the cleansing could happen, we must first had to find and kill the Zerg leading the rest. A Zealot approached me and I came out of my meditation. "High Prelate, we have secured the perimeter. The Zerg, however, do not seem to be interested in us, but rather the Terran mining facility. What shall we do?" I take a moment to think. The fact that they had not yet captured the facility means that the Terrans were still alive. And it was my duty as a friend to the Terrans to help them.

"We await the arrival of the Executor and ask his counsel. He will know what to do." The zealot bowed and went to join his brothers. This task may prove to be more then even the Firstborn can handle...

OOC: What's the purpose in this one? I know v1was dragoons.
I rise above my Hive cluster. My tail encircling the Hive. Insidia making sure the breeding process is going on perfectly some of the Zerglings were running around whacking each other with tails. Some of my Hydralisks making sure the borders are safe. I had a few of my Watchers (Think mini Hydralisk with wings that can detect and fight with their claws) flying above them. "Once we infest the humans, this world will be ours for the taking." I say to Insidia. "Insidia, how long until we have enough Zerglings to attack?"
"About 20 more minutes Lord Garblad."

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