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<Garblad, it is I, Kayoh, Boss of the Roaches. My minions are ready for battle, and I am assured that we will be able to support each other to great effect. What are your plans?>
You sound as if you are part of he swarm. I despise you. If I see any of the swarms minions, my Hydralisks will tear them anew one.
OOC: My Hydralisks are also larger and faster than the normal one.
"Travis! Seismographs show huge numbers of Zerg activity!"

I looked over at one of the scientists, hunched over a computer.

"Right-o. Find someone and tell them to spread the word. I'll go and prepare the Keystone drones."
I watch as a large number of Zerg tunnel their way into the creep, possibly towards the Terrans. The Executor was still sometime away, but was on his way.
{I am on my way, let me stop by the armory and we can collect those parts. If we find the part we can repair the shield generator. If we can do that we can stall them.}

OOC: wfawwer you might remember this or not but I might go with the room and the gas again.
Can I still make a character at this point?
Yes. Another Protoss would be nice. Sorry, but no chefs. We gotta take this seriously.
Two Ultralisks approach the dome. Their head that of an Hydralisk, they bottom two kaiser blades being the claws of a Hydralisk and have a long tail. "Our master bring his regards, he wants to surrender, or the Hydralisk King will see personally to it that you are assimilated. Painfully." Their voices raspy.
I stir among the many papers on my desk, a representation of the chaos that I have to organize. A pipe leak, broken machinery, and communication problems were few of many of these problems. What we thought was just a usual Zerg attack was now was turned to a full planet infestation. This was worse than Aiur. The ground itself is now creep, making this planet one giant Zerg.
My aides were working double time to fix all the problems, but the lack of resources were affecting us. We need to mine to make an alternate route to more ore veins, but the drill we need to mine through the hard rock is missing a power cell. There were reports of a stash of more power cells, but there's no one willing enough to get them. The area is full of Zerg, and our Marines are busy keeping the Zerg out.

I decide to stand up and walk outside, trying to enjoy air that didn't smelled of burnt out circuits.
The Ultralisk things start banging against the dome. "DID YOU NOT HEAR US! WE KNOW THAT THERE IS A SMALL AREA WHERE THERE ARE TERRAN'S CLOSE BY!"
I rush past Carter in a hurry, the list in my hands and I stopped at the armory real quick and grabbed my duster (It's a type of coat.) "Get out of my way, I need to find Travis."
I move out of the way, curiously looking at him. It must be something of urgency, something that's bound up to end up on my desk. I slowly walk to my living quarters so I could get something decent to eat.
"You are to take a small force to assist the Terrans, High Prelate Daalis. I will allow you two stalkers, a high templar, some zealots and I can only spare three of your fellow Dark Templar." The Executor said with a tone that intoned I would be allowed no more.

"Of course, Executor. We well leave post haste, but first we need a way inside of the dome. I am told that there are caves nearby, but they are blocked by the creep. I will require the mothership to burn a hole for us." The Executor nodded and I left as he messaged the mothership to fire. Within moments, my party and I were on our way towards the dome, the caves once more sealed behind us by creep. "Stay together and remain aware. We have reason to believe the Zerg have turned these caves into a sort of trap for any Terrans willing to try and get power for their dome." Those who were able to nodded and the Stalkers simply kept walking, acknowledging me mentally. So the Firstborn must once more save the Terrans. This planet has a way of bringing back old memories.
I descend to the planets surface in a small pod.

This is intriguing. The entire planet is covered by creep. I have never seen such wonders! I think. I head over to what appears to be a large Hive Cluster, and see a large Hydralisk-like being on top of the main spawning area.

"Hello, fellow Zerg. What might you be here for?"
I and some other miners were bent over an area of the inner dome. Holding my hand out, one of the miners passed my some lettuce, the only plant we had been able to grow down here. F*cking lettuce gets to you after a couple of weeks.

I poked the piece of lettuce into a small gap of the dome, and then withdrew it. The tip of the leaf was completely black.

"Definitely a lot of creep. And the problem is we don't have any sealant, we used the last bit repairing marine armor. We're going to have to get creative boys, try and salvage something from a hydralisk or something like that. I've got business with Faloria."

I drew a lighter from my pocket and incinerated the lettuce, dropping it on the ground. Hopefully the Zerg would give us one more hour of respite, we were in a bad condition.
I see the Hydralisk approach. I spread my wings a glide over to it with some Watchers. "To infest the planet before the swarm does, are you part of the swarm, and if not, what is your goal here?"

The Ultralisks grow impatient. They attack with about 20 Zerglings and 8 massive Hydralisks and two Watchers.
I approached Travis. "I am getting tired of lettuce, I like it but after some time I just want to stomp on it. Well anyway here is the list. And if we can get the Shield Generator parts while we are out there that will be our bonus for the day." I hand him the list.
Stay away from the Hydralisk! Trust him not! I, Kayoh, Warren Boss of the Roaches, am the true agent of the Swarm. This imposter is a far greater threat than any Terran or Protoss... we must eradicate him and his minions.

(That was to Nikola)
"There are two new broods? Goodness, at the rate this is going, it will be hard to tell who is on top. So they are here? Very well, this will be a good time to test these new biological agents on them. Send the plague bringers and exploders over there. I will go personally to see the operations."

Z'nas emerges from the Dome with a small detachments of units. "We will arrive quickly with this creep. It is not too far away."
Z'nas controls a portion of the outer domes and the areas outside it.

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