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A watcher shares vision with me and I see what he was looking at. A burrowed Roach. It starts clawing at the ground. I just use one of my four arms to stab into the ground and pull the Roach out. "YOU ARE NOT ONE OF MINE! YOU WILL DIE SWARM SCUM!" I stab the Roach in the gut.
Warren Boss Kayoh winces.


He mobilizes his Roaches.
"They've begun fighting? Oh this will make our job easier. We just need to wait for an opportune time."
"The swarm is corrupt, long have we lived without intelligence! LONG HAVE WE GONE WITHOUT SPEAKING! LONG HAVE WE GONE WITHOUT RESPECT! LONG HAVE WE BEEN USED AS SIMPLE BEASTS WITH ONE PURPOSE! My brood represents freedom, yes we still infest the humans, but that is only when the Swarm seeks to infest them. We are kinder to our assimilated humans." I exclaim. Insidia, begin the Cobra production.
We had dispatched several pockets zerglings with a couple hydralisk, although the most recent encounter had me concerned. The Zerglings had looked alot like a hydralisk, and the hydralisk had seemed larger, faster and stronger. It had even managed to wound a zealot during the fight. "High Prelate, we near a Terran access shaft," came the mental communication from one of the scouting zealots.

"Good. Have the stalkers begin cutting a way in. We will be there soon." After receiving a yes from the Zealot, I gave the order to speed up, hoping we'd make it in time to assit the Terrans.
Small slithering creature pop forth from eggs. Its mouths large. And two flaps along its neck to make it look bigger. It had 2 sickle arms and very large fangs coming from its mouth. "We answer our masters commands." It hisses and they speed towards the Terrans Dome. It some how camouflages into its surroundings.
"Garblad, the first Cobra has been born, and it is a great success."
OOC: Wow, we barely start and they already mounted a offensive against us and the Protoss are already at our back doorsteps. And they have Ultralisks which are telling us to die. SO that means that the parts will be so easy to find since everyone already has everything.
"I have two Ultralisks that are asking you to surrender and allow yourselves to assimilated. And not super offensive."
OOC: Hell to the NO I won't let myself be assimilated.

IC: "Travis we need to get those parts for the Shield Generator, if we can get those we can modify it where any Zerg that walks into the Inner parts of the dome will burn from the inside out."
"Fool," Kayoh hisses to himself. He would destroy this pathetic excuse for a worm, then deal with the Terrans.

Kayoh lets out a screech, sending his minions to attack. Already a Changeling had reported that the foolish "Hydralisk King" had deployed his minions to attack the Terrans... illogical, hypocritical fool. Advocating "freedom" while enslaving Terrans...

The Roaches began their movement towards the enemy Hive cluster, some strains moving above the ground, others beneath it. Meanwhile, a Nydus worm tunneled quietly through the sea of Creep...
A panicked miner runs in. He yells loudly to everybody within earshot-

"One of the airvents is under attack!" (Protoss cutting their way in)

I look at Faloria-

"Get to my workshop and grab everything you can, I'm going to go and take the other stuff we need from the scientists."
"Ok, once we do that we need to find the parts before we get overrun." I ran off to where Travis sent me, I grabbed some crowbars, a rifle and a shotgun. I found a old Goliath. {Travis, will this Goliath work.}
Z'nas looks at the hive clusters below. With the twitch of her finger, overlords fly over the hive clusters and they are away from the range from any hydralisks.
A large amount of Cobras fly out of the ground and start spitting acid and slash with the sickle arms as the Roaches come near.
OOC: I don't have Overlords. My brood has free will and the detectors are known as Watchers.
{Nope. Was going to go and see if the old mining equipment had any fittable nuclear generators but they're all infested by now.}
Kayoh notices the Overlords fly overhead. What...

Greetings newcomer! Kayoh, Boss of the Roaches, welcomes you. We require your immediate assistance in purging a rebel brood.
{So do you want the rifle or the shotgun.} As I raced back to where me and Travis was going to meet at, the network that leads to the outer dome.
"Excellent, they appear to be preoccupied with each other. Commence the bombardment."

Plague bringers, in the midst of the chaos, were able to find themselves in advantageous positions. They covered much of the area in a dark swarm.

With that message, the overlords unload their cargo. Exploders crash into the ground, releasing their deadly load all over the hive and units below.

Those who survived the initial blast found their own skin covered in a thick red substance. They found themselves wheezing and fell over, dead.

"Phase one complete, now to see if the reanimation process begins."
The first line of Roaches is slaughtered, but more come in massive numbers. A huge Lumberer Roach moves slowly, clumsily forward, then sprays acid out of vents all over its body, reducing a number of Cobras to liquid instantly.

Springers, small fast Roaches, leap forward onto the Cobras while Brawlers smash into the enemy ranks and a Rhino crushes rebel Zerg underfoot. Meanwhile, Kayoh slowly lumbers in behind his troops.
Kayoh reels in shock. What happened?


Flayer Roaches, which possess acid covered whips, move to strike both foes. Meanwhile, Grabbers move in stealthily underground... a Plague Bringer vanishes.

Excellent. Bring it to the primary Warren. I must study it.

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