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OOC: I do also feel forgotten. I think I'm going to do my own little things.

IC: My aides come with the drone, setting up it up on a stand. We were low on supplies, so we were forced to use a raven without any weapon attachments and were forced to improvise.

"Alright. I want the scanner and the gun on this to be ready within ten minutes. And someone bring the drill here, too."
Another hole appears in the large egg and a Locust comes out. 6 sickle arms come out of the sides.
Wait, Naits, I'm in the inner hallways. The marines could tell you that we're here and you come talk to us!
V3 looks to be doing well.

... This thread made me regret that HellSpork is no longer with us.
This thread made me regret that HellSpork is no longer with us.

So do I. Probably one of the best RPers ever.
"Hellspork was a great RPer."
How long before my time.
Hellspork. He was the original Zerg and long posts RPer.....
1 1/2 years ago is my estimate.
When Joey Ray's came out, I believe.
Well, this died quickly.

No, I'm just waiting on Naits to come talk to me.
I come to Zarkun's character.

I don't feel like being creative today.
08/06/2012 10:07 AMPosted by Nikola
"I do not wish to destroy anyone. I wish to bring peace to this world, even if it may be at the destruction of a smaller faction present. I only kill if the need arises."

Unacceptable. You will obey the will of the Swarm or die!

Roaches unburrow around Calek.

I believe the need to kill has now arisen, has it not? Help me slay Garblad or I will crush you.
"If that is how you wish this to be, then this is hall it will be. Goodbye, brethren."

I release a pulse from my body, knocking all of the roaches away, and fire off a few blasts of psionic energy at them, obliterating a large portion of the group.

A swarm of various Roaches charges Calek.

OOC: And I'm gone for now.
OOC: Quick question, does anyone here even know who made the original Wrath of the Firstborn? Hint: He wasn't a daily member of Joey Ray's.
Brass something
"Yeah BrassDragon."
IC: A large monstrous Hydralisk with egg sacks on it's back, 3 heads, 3 pairs of arms and 4 wings. "We live to serve." Each head says in synchronization.

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