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So i have just barely under 6 gb of space left on my SSD.. I just installed sc2 again after a long break due to poor balance... And the game is telling me that I need more than SIX GIGABYTES of space to "optimize" my game.. WTF on earth requires more than SIX gigabytes to shuffle data?!?!?!?

Honestly I understand a game that has high system requirements to run, but GOD freakin' knows that SC2 is NOT it.. WTF GIVES?!!!???
I think that is just what you need free for the process to be able to run. My game folder is only 8.24 GB.

Edit: Like how you need free space to be able to defrag a harddrive.
Oh and I didn't clarify in my post, I have 5.9 gb of space AFTER installing sc2.. not before.

edit- IF the game requires |-----| amount of space AFTER install to be ABLE to play the game, why isn't that included in the install requirements.. This means I have to UNINSTALL other software to be able to play a game that previously told me that I had ENOUGH space to install the game..

WHAT THE F U Q blizzard.... Are you guys hiring amateurs now????
08/05/2012 08:54 AMPosted by MotoVictim
Oh and I didn't clarify in my post, I have 5.9 gb of space AFTER installing sc2.. not before.

Yes, you still need the free space to run the optimization. After optimization, my game folder is 8.24 GB. Optimization actually increases performance and decreases the size of your overall game on disk. You may find that your SCII folder is larger than 8.24 GB currently, free up 100MB and optimize and you'll have even more free space.

EDIT: This is why I run things of a 1tb regular HDD. Space is never an issue, and thus far, neither has data transfer rate.
Yeah, well I had to uninstall two other programs to get the optimization to work.

1) IF the game requires ____ amount of space to install and optimize the game to be able to play it, then THAT needs to be stated in the install requirements. (which it was not)

2) As to your idea of "game = ___ much space, run optimization and its now ___ - ___ space".. then there is a SERIOUS problem with blizzard. At no point in my 20 years of computing have I ever encountered a software that stated a system requirement for space that WASN'T accurate.
1. SC2 required 12 gigs of space for installation when the game first came out. See http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/starcraft-ii-system-requirements.

2. Games often require more space as updates and changes are introduced. Initial space requirements are not always the final space requirements, two or more years after the game comes out.

3. Harddrives should generally have at least 20-30% of their space kept free (may not apply to SSDs).
OK yeah, so I just finished all the BS to get the game running again... And here is another interesting fact about this update.

I COMPLETED the game already on brutal. Yet the game is telling me that I have not completed the game AT ALL..

My god, WTF is going on with this company!

Edit- Ok yeah, well I had the space the software told me i needed to install the game, OBVIOUSLY.. Because it INSTALLED the game. As to games that require MORE space than is require to install---- THIS IS THE PROBLEM. Even if it's an update, WHY THE F U Q isn't the update UPDATING the system requirements? And as to how much space is required FREE?! VALVE/STEAM has NEVER told me i needed 10 gb of space, then once I've installed some software it says "oh wait, you need 8 more gb to run this software." Regardless of the type of hardware used to store data.
Heres the Idea. When the optimizer is installing, it needs twice as much data space as it says, because the data is uncompressed. Once the optimization is complete, and the compression codes take effect, the data requirement is cut in half.

So you will need a ton of space to start with, but it will free up some space in the end.
Cool beans EugeneTwo.. So again, WHY THE F U Q is this not stated in the installation requirements?
You're crying about hdd space, and you chose to have a SSD and only a SSD. SSD gives a performance boost in loading times, but nothing/very little within the actual game itself. So a game like SC2, where the loading times are fairly fixed and are synced to your opponent anyway, SSD offers virtually no benefit over a regular hard drive.

You chose to have very little space in exchange for a slight increase in speed. Now you're filling up your HDD. Add a regular hdd, or stop crying. I hope you're intentionally trying to look foolish, because it's working on a GM level.
08/05/2012 09:44 AMPosted by MotoVictim
Cool beans EugeneTwo.. So again, WHY THE F U Q is this not stated in the installation requirements?

Because this is an after-market patch that significantly alters and improves the game performancce and how the franchise will be distributed in the future.

You make it sound like this is the first online game you ever played.

Also, read stickies for answers to all your issues.

Kids nowadays...
The typical blizzard forum trolls, the cubs and greatbox.

The issue here is that the game doesn't specify during installation or before installation that it will require a specific amount of hard drive space AFTER the game is installed so that it can be optimized.

And yes I got a 60GB ssd when they were pretty new, and it is no where near a slight performance increase, its a massive performance increase in everything, especially games such as GTA 4 that load the world as you move through it. Whether or not it does this in SC2 is irrelevant.

And to answer your jerk off point thecubs, I do have secondary hard drives. But I never keep games on them because of their lack of performance, even in RAID it doesn't match my SSD's read/write. This was never about my storage issues, this was about the fact that Blizzards new optimization program doesn't inform the user that they will need to free up a specific amount of space OTHER than what is require for install.

And greatbox, way to be an !@# man.. I'm 30 years old and no where near the level of maturity of you, or the lack thereof. At no point did I attack anyone that posted on this thread until you two trolls showed up. I fail to see your logic in "first online game you ever played" and "read stickies". When I am installing the game the pertinent information for the installation should be there, not on the website where I have to go fishing for information pertaining to my situation.

And to be clear, everyone that plays a video game that they've purchased has the right to complain. No matter how small or large the complaint is or who shares or does not share the same opinion.

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