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Make an Archon hero PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Update] : I’ve been working on map editing most of the day today as well as the past week and was looking forward to posting the next update later tonight. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts I was going to be working off of a lot of responses you have all provided me for this update. One major note is that I’ve nearly completed most everything in Wings’ post here http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/6247965537?page=10#190 for this update. I can’t accurately put into words how happy this makes me that I’ve gotten so much done in a shorter time frame. On the other hand, I’m being taken out ”for my kind generosity" in a few minutes and won’t be able to finish my work as intended. I’ve found that some work was more expansive and have ended up fixing things that basically daisy chained together. Once again, thank you all for your continued feedback and support. Stay tuned!

[Replies] :
@AlmoadiN – Ultimately I want all/most Zerg units to be capable of burrowing. There will potentially be balancing concerns but I will handle them should they arise.

@SidtheKid – I pretty much agree with your post here; I could even give Zerg Air Units the ability to climb as opposed to burrowing which could be fun.

@Drusus – I am very pleased you enjoy the map so much you have memorized the current setup so thank you. As for people fighting over heroes I will be considering their available quantity when I push my difficulty settings into place. Mmm, updates are nice which is why I’m trying to be more dedicated in my time to editing.

@VectorOne – Thank you for reporting this bug. I finally managed to come up with a way of consistently reproducing bugs like this one and the Planetary Fortress Not Firing Bug and I plan on fixing them A.S.A.P.

@Drusus x2 – I am trying to update faster so stay tuned :D . I do like your thoughts on the map re-texturing as well but I will doing a major map overhaul in the near future anyway. I’ll be handling texturing and such when I process Terrain Editing as a whole. The idea on the Healing Towers is interesting and your suggestion gives me some more ideas on that matter, thank you. In the past Heroes once spawned with Buffs like regular units can but that was scrapped from the game since it sometimes provided early game balancing issues. As for your final suggestions I like the request and will keep your information in mind.

@Drusus x3 – I have actually implemented the corrections on the Odin in the patch I’m working on right now :d .

@Atlas – An Archon Hero is what I was always looking forward to back when I was not the Lead Project Editor. Thank you for the feedback and support Atlas.

@Caboose – That’s an awesome idea as well.

@Orretr – As with my response to Atlas, I’ve also been looking forward to an Archon Hero so stay tuned. Thank you for the feedback and support Orretr.

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Thanks for the update!
No update yet? Please post to notify us that you updated the map, thanks :D
Drusus it seems to me that you have not read any of his replies in this entire thread. He will get there when he gets there, be patient please. No need to spam the thread, especially when he has been so nice in bringing this game back and continuing to make it better. Which I thank you for.

I don't believe it has been asked yet (although I may be wrong), but does Zyrkhans Ace air attack steal life like his melee attacks? If not is there a balance reason for this or mechanical? One other note. If there is an Archon hero will there be a Dark Archon hero like in Brood War? Or maybe combine some of the abilities from the Dark Archon into the regular Archon. Just a regular Archon hero seems boring to me, and I was always a fan of Dark Archons.

Thank you for your awesome (free) work on this map. It is one of my favorite games to play!
I read everything, it's just I'm very eager to play the updated map!
I have to own up to having been a lurker on this thread. I wanted to chime in and say that you are doing a wonderful job Jason and we all very much appreciate the effort you are putting into this game for us.
Really good feeling that this map will be updated within the next 9 hours.
Great work, Jason! What sections did you find were more expansive? Excited to see how the new update turns out!
Dammit Jason, your making everyone eager, look at all the posts just today!
just reporting a bug the void spheres on Artanis do not work

and also I strongly suggest the removal of rift beams, and thermal lances for collossi and stone zealots and replacing them with something that does not effect weapon firing speed

artanis does enough damage it just does not attack fast enough
I think the void spheres and thermal lances have already been noted (and should be fixed next update).
Why is this update taking so F***ing long to come out? Close to two days ago jason said it would come out that night, nothing yet!!!
Chill man, he's busy.
wil there be new heroes?
I have one last suggestion, the odin should have bio plating. I'm looking forward to that update!
11/05/2012 02:53 PMPosted by Drusus
Why is this update taking so F***ing long to come out? Close to two days ago jason said it would come out that night, nothing yet!!!

He said he ran into issues that were deeper than he expected and wouldn't be able to release it yet in his last post.

11/05/2012 03:11 PMPosted by TaskMaster
wil there be new heroes?

Jason said there would be soon.

11/05/2012 03:22 PMPosted by Drusus
I have one last suggestion, the odin should have bio plating. I'm looking forward to that update!

I made the point before to review all the terran units that get the bioplate upgrade (should be all land and air vehicles according to the upgrade description), so it should be in the next update.
i still think there should be a non hero mother ship wit planet cracker, and mass recall (scalled down of course) but no vortex that is just asking for laaaaagggggggg

oh and raynor had not actors for attacking he just stands there like an idiot
Jason, it's taking you forever to do this update, tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk. >:(
Idk if anybody suggested it or not but could there maybe be a random toss ending boss? It's just the Hell gate and rag spawns are kinda too easy and seems like toss getting left out since theres a zerg ending and a terran ending.

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