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11/06/2012 12:29 AMPosted by Ruin
Idk if anybody suggested it or not but could there maybe be a random toss ending boss? It's just the Hell gate and rag spawns are kinda too easy and seems like toss getting left out since theres a zerg ending and a terran ending.

^ +1
Wings, thank you for your dedicated input. I am sure it is an enormous contribution to the betterment of this project.
No problem. Glad it has been helpful :)
Hah, every time I come from class I refresh this page to see if the update has been put out, I really need to find something to do with my self =/
Jerk off?! :D
Druscus you need to chill the !@#$ out. Your so damn annoying! Just be grateful that Jason is putting all this time and effort into the game! For free too! He doesnt have to do this!

Jason, thank you for all of your free time and effort that you put into this game! I love it!
Can you spell Drusus instead of 'Druscus' clearly you can't read properly, and I'm just very eager to play the new update, and because it's not coming out, I'm starting to lose interest, and I'm starting to think that Jason is losing interest in the game, and it's advancement. Sorry about filling half of the posts on this forum, and yes jason, you have greatly improved this map, but no updates for a month now, at least you keep in touch ever two weeks. D:
11/06/2012 12:29 AMPosted by Ruin
Idk if anybody suggested it or not but could there maybe be a random toss ending boss? It's just the Hell gate and rag spawns are kinda too easy and seems like toss getting left out since theres a zerg ending and a terran ending.


I know it has been mentioned on the other thread and a little different idea here. However, Nova's mind control ability is pretty much useless as just heroic mobs starts coming out. It is any way possible to add non-heroic mobs in the mix or "weaker" heroic mobs to the mix to be mind control?
IMO the MC should be limited to one unit for the raven. Nova should be able to MC massive and heroic units based on a scale similar to how hero attack does it. Each unit is worth 'x' amount, as the hero levels, it can MC up to 'y' amount, which the latter increases with each level. Just have to tweak it so that heroic units are worth a significantly more than regular units (maybe like all 4 maneuvers = 2 omegalisk = 1 brutalisk = 1 small kerrigan, or something like that - it might get complicated though). I think it should require something like a level 60 unit to MC a brutalisk or small kerri and maybe a few smaller units, but the end game kerris and big units such as levi, stank, other 3 popped units are beyond the maximum 'y' amount.
[Post] : Well I got back late last night from my outing inspired by ”my kind generosity” and had an excellent time. I did not get the chance to test everything properly as I wanted to for this upcoming update but you all understand how that goes. I did get additional work and testing done today and just keep plugging away as time goes on. I’m not sure when exactly I will post this newest update but I could technically do it right now; I just keep implementing more things as I’ve mentioned and prolonging this into a progressively larger patch. Perhaps that evil streak in me is causing me to prolong it and bait everyone with these posts of mine? Nawwwwwwwwww ^ .^

[Replies] :
Drusus x1 & x2 – You’re welcome and :D

@Eleshmmy – Thank you and excellent question concerning whether the aerial attack leeches life. I just took a quick look and it appears that it does not which is rather interesting. I’ll be considering changing this and might just apply the life leech along with the changes I have for the upcoming patch. Your idea on a Dark Archon Hero is pretty cool and along the lines of what I was considering really. Dark Archons were sometimes a whole lot of fun back in the old days. Thank you for your post.

@Drusus x3 - :D

@Adaephon – As long as you don’t burrow to close to me or my units I think we’ll be okay. Thank you for your post. Playing on the word “lurker” :D

@SidtheKid – This response brought to you by: Good Feelings – We do what we must… because we can.

@Wings – Thank you again for your help since it’s making my job easier. The areas I found more expansive so far have had to deal with various aura’s and upgrade bugs. I want to try and make things more uniform which is similar to things you’ve mentioned in your posts as well.

@Drusus x4 – "If you want work well done, select a busy man; The other kind has no time.”

@TheTitan – I’ve been aware of all the points you made with your post but still appreciate you bringing up the issues just in case. The Void Sphere issue has been resolved and I’ve been trying to fix the firing speed conflict with attack animations but have yet to achieve the desired result.

@Wings x2 – For some reason I’m having trouble getting the thermal lances and other attack animation heavy attacks to achieve the fixed results I’m attempting. I have indeed fixed the Void Spheres issue though.

@Drusus x5 – In all honesty I didn’t get back till around Monday night when I was taken out. Although a great deal of my time was eaten up I had a wonderfully spectacular time.

@SidtheKid x2 – And how!

@TaskMaster – If I can work in the proper testing on what I’ve done with new heroes in time then yes.

@Drusus x6 – That is a logical idea and I think Wings might have addressed this before with me too.

@Wings x3 – See :D

@TheTitan x2 – I ran into some issues testing the implemented non-Hero Mothership so that unit will be delayed past the next update most likely. Raynor’s Attack Animations have already been fixed however so if you see this issue persist please let me know.

@Drusus x7 – “We cry for release but the moment we break through our heavy chains the weight of freedom falls upon us.”

@Ruin – Different final ends have been requested before but I still appreciate your post. I do plan on completing work along these lines at some point so thank you for your post and support.

@TheTitan x3 - +1 more! Am I doing it right?

@Adaephon – I concur!

@Wings x4 – Helpful especially since Wings organizes the feedback in way that works great with my mind.

@Atlas – Thank you for your continued support and dedication!

@Drusus x8 – I rely on people like Atlas to help me complete map testing because they have dedication. That is far better in my opinion.

@Orretr – Thank you for your continued support and dedication as well!

@Drusus x9 – Now now, no fighting please. I understand that my progress may appear slow but I’ve not lost interest in the project. I also view players losing interest, at least not permanently, in the map to be beneficial to the Custom Maps Community as a whole.

@Hypera – There has been a long discussion had just on the Mind Control Abilities which include Nova, the Raven and future unit implementation. It’s hard for me to summarize what sort of thoughts there are on the subject right now but it’s something that is under consideration a lot of the time.

@Wings x5 – This is one off shoot of what has been discussed concerning the Mind Control Abilities. There are so many possibilities with Mind Control which is why it’s such a fascinating topic. Thanks again and as always for your continued support, input, feedback and dedication.

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I think that he is just crazy.
protoss defenses need a buff. if you compare terran defense to protoss defense theyre much more efficient and cheaper. and also can you make the movement speed of protoss ground units the same? or have speeds at least remotely close to each other?. stalkers are soo much faster compared to sentries and immortals and colossus has strange speed of 2.5 which usually makes this unit end up in the front when moving your army around O.o.
So, this upgrade will be released this year?
Maybe in the next 3 years going this slow. Jason you should release this update right now and then start working on it again. It's so easy just to publish!!
I'm just gonna leave a comment here saying that I got bored with Special Forces Elite about as fast as I got bored with Squadron TD.

If SFE had some system where hero levels saved, got harder with higher hero levels, and a different map was generated each time, MAYBE I'd be interested again, but imo, SFE died.
That's okay Setho, no game is built with anyone and this one isn't very dynamic meaning it doesn't change a lot from game to game. I find it to be one of the weakest points personally but I play it for other reasons. With Jason's difficult ramp and expansion of the map it'll breathe a bit of new life into the map. SFE as a game has a lot of ways it can grow but what it comes down to is dev hours and with only one dev don't expect it to be a map you can play every day multiple times a day.
yeah i realized that raynor was fixed just after

but anyways the ghosts do not have a walking animation

and have you considered completely replacing the rift beams animation with a different one?

but for the colossi im lost on sugestions
Please update, latest I would like the update is tomorrow, but I REALLY want it today, because you've been delaying so long, I can't stop thinking about what you could've done, and how different the map is going to be!
Tough crowd. Hope this link works:


edit: ok so it doesn't. copy and paste :P

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