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Oh no, you scared me! Anyways, I hope Jason can stop giving us so many high hopes. We all are eager, and giving high hopes doesn't help this cause, especially if it leaves people hanging.
This game is dying, and it's dying more and more, faster and faster, every single day that passes by, what are you going to do Jason? Just saying it takes a good 5 minutes now just to get 3 or 4 players in the lobby
it is not dying its on the first page of the brose games list it takes alot to do that and really be the nature of spec forces it doesn't have that great of replay value but still its a great game and well balanced
Recently I have been finding games faster than it was even a week or two ago. I know you say you are excited to play Drusus but it does seem you are prone to hyperbole, perhaps to the point of just being exaggeration... chill man, the patch releases will happen whenever they do and until they do try to be patient.
Another few things I would like to point out.

1. The Loki has a weird firing mechanic. Its cannons (which splash) are supposed to be both air and ground attack. However, when it attacks something up close, like scourge, it changes back to the lazer attack, like the regular battle cruiser. (Note this does not splash making killing scourge take awhile.)

2. What is up with heroes having strength agility and intellect? Do they actually contribute and if so how? And some heroes need their main attributes updated. Again the loki is a prime example. It's strength jumps when it levels, but Loki should be using agility. (I came to this conclusion by looking at what each stat is supposed to do.

3. I still love the game, and thanks for all your work!

4. Ragnarok nuke goes through bunkers. I had units inside a bunker, the bunker survived the nuke but my units didn't. I hope this isn't intended.

Edit* Originally had Bc's doing am missile attack, but its more like little lazer shots.

Second Edit* Added number 4
@Adaephon. Basically what you said. I rather wait 'til whenever Jason feels is the right time to post the update than to wait for the Lanzarote version, which is never. He took the initiative to revive the project and it's us who owes him our gratitude and time, not the other way around.
maybe Jason is planing to release this update for our grandsons
@ Eleshmmy. Strength Agility and Intellect is a mechanic that came over from WarCraft. It does affect the hero stats. Strength gives more health and maybe armor, not sure about that though. Agility is attack speed and ranged damage. Intellect affects energy regen and spell power. It is easiest to compare with purchased units made into heroes before gaining levels. I think Loki gets strength to make it more durable, tanky ship ftw?
That's how i've always viewed Loki, a flying tank
I thank you for the response adaephon, but I have to disagree about loki. At late levels loki gets destroyed pretty handily by kerrigans or otherwise (excluding buffs which i know 99% of all loki's will have). I've always seen it with its decent speed and extreme attack speed as dps oriented which would imply it needs agility. Furthermore, a question for jason, how much (if possibly exactly) do those stats help? Is it uniform across the board? Ex. 1 strength = say 10 hp on karass, zeratul, alan, and jim. (Just to make up numbers and people) Or does each attribute affect each character differently? Example 1 strength may give 10 hp to karass but 50 to the pyromaster. Also strength is melee damage as well as health. I believe agility is armor.

Discussion time. People's thoughts on whether to get rid of agility strength and intellect (I know ultimately it is up to jason). My vote is yes. They don't seem to provide very tangible benefits. Also, assuming they did, taking them away would inherently make the game harder because we no longer have those benefits. And I know people have been asking for it to be harder. (It may be my ignorance, but I have yet to see anybody ask for easier.)
1 STR = 15 HP (these are for ALL hero units from starting heroes, purchaseable heroes, to hero-ized units), although it scales higher with higher levels (not sure exact amount or what level(s) this value changes)
1 INT = 10 MN (similar to above, except does not scale at any level)
AGI heroes gain +1 range and +1 move speed at lvl 50 (I posted about this a while ago, on this thread about bonuses given to certain attribute heroes)
All heroes get some armor bonuses at lvl 50. Possibly some HP and dmg bonuses too.

Haven't calculated: AGI -> weapon speed or the INT -> spell dmg (both aren't easy to do since the weapon speed numbers are too low, ie. changes in <0.01 and changes in spell dmg are not reflected in the description of the spell)
Not sure which one affects armor, but if it's like WC3 then it's AGI.
Usually, the main attribute adds to damage (ie. Karass gains dmg related to INT)

One thing that I'm wondering is if there is any way to show the details of more than one weapon on heroes. For example, Odin has two main attacks, one for ground (though this is split between normal units and structures) and one for air (similarly, split between normal units and armored units), but when you click on Odin, it only shows the details for the ground attack(s).

Overall though, I like the STR/AGI/INT hero-ing system. Haven't sat down to look at all the units individually to see how to change things for balance issues.

On a separate note, it seems that why the heroes that level up so much faster than the normal units turned heroes is most likely due to them having shared experience when units are killed nearby (plus they seem to get more experience when killing a unit directly), whereas the normal units turned heroes only get experience when they kill a unit directly.
I think the game has gotten too easy. Previously you needed defense to stay alive and win, now you can plow through and win the game in 15-20 minutes.

I dont mean buff up mob damage and health, but I think there needs to be more events that occur when players do something.
That's why when I play SFE, I don't get the feel that miklat put into the game, being extremely hard and taking 30 minutes just to get 10k minerals, and that's the sort of feel I'd want, but in order to do that you'd drastically have to slow down the upgrade rate of the enemies, for there would be no way to win otherwise, unless you use a money hack.
I'm a long-time player of this game, but a first time writer... I really enjoy this game, I play a round almost everyday after work to unwind.

I have one request from Jason for the updates: Could we get an experience system going? I don't know how hard that is to implement, but it would make it feel that I'm gaining something more from my daily games on here. It could be something like adding stats to your chosen Hero, or opening locked Heroes, or adding skills/abilities/auras to Heroes.

Thanks for all the hard work, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming update.
Is SFE going to ever update?
@wings I have also noticed this problem. As hard as I've tried I've never managed to get a normal unit turned hero to lvl 60, a close lvl 50 maybe but still it is incredibly difficult to do so.

Btw, why is the game speed so fast all of a sudden?
Q.Q no archon hero
[Update] : I’ve posted patch (1.6) just recently. The good news is I managed to complete a fair amount of work. The bad news is that this is a rollback version of the work I’ve been testing. As of testing last night which got interrupted and more testing today I found severe issues with some updates I had implemented. There are a few changes which I would like The Community to provide feedback on though (which I’ll mention below). Enjoy!

[Request] : I’ve enabled replay recording on the map which should help me receive more input on any issues. I’ve also re-enabled Trigger Preloading which should resolve issues like the Planetary Fortress not firing and the Supply Cap going to 200 for everyone. It’s also highly likely this fix should resolve issues with unlockable heroes being automatically unlocked. If I can please get feedback on these concerns I would appreciate it.

[Replies] :
@AlmoadiN – I’m a Wild and Crazy Guy!

@SunLight – I’ve been testing balancing concerns lately which include the Protoss Defenses but have yet to reach the results I’m after. As for your request on movement speed I’ll consider it since it does play a role with balancing. Thanks for the post.

@TaskMaster – :D

@Drusus – :D

@Setho – Those are your opinions and remember the saying, “Opinions are like ________, every body has one.”

@Atlas – :D

@TheTitan – I forgot to fix the ghost animations but I’ve noted that and should have it resolved with the next patch. As for replacing the Rift Beams I do suppose that would be possible but there has to be another way.

@Drusus x2 – :D

@Wings – *Insert maniacal laughter from the shadows*

@Drusus x3 – :D

@SidtheKid – It’s not my intention to give everyone “high hopes” or “leave people hanging” but I understand your point.

@Drusus x4 – There are many factors that could be contributing to what you’re referencing.

@TheTitan x2 – Thank you.

@Adaephon – Thank you as well.

@Eleshmmy – The Loki is designed that way by default and I considering it a balancing mechanic akin to making sure at least a small level of micro is employed. As for the Leveling Traits I plan on making them apply randomly to units instead of setting specific ones to always be geared in one direction. With this newest patch I’ve employed this feature on the Infested General to get some testing in place. Certain abilities will hit units inside bunkers though which includes the Ragnarok Nuke. I consider this a type of realism in combat which is why that is not something on the list to be fixed. Thank you for the post Eleshmmy.

@Choo – Thank you.

@TaskMaster x2 – ”If you only face forward there is something you will miss seeing. It is a virtue to devote oneself to something, firmly believing in one’s own ideals. But that does not mean it is alright to belittle the ideals of feelings of others. If you lead such a busy life and don’t realize how others feels it’s only self satisfaction. It’s alright to stop every now and again if you want a moments rest, if you want to feel what other people feel.”

@Adeaphon x2 – :D

@Atlas x2 – :D

@Eleshmmy x2 – The attributes allotted through leveling generally effects all units in a inform fashion at this time. Eventually I will attempt to make things more specific but recent testing has delayed such actions. Your proposed discussion is a good topic and I look forward to potential responses you receive.

@Wings x2 – You’re accurate with your information once again. I won’t bother clarifying deeply on what all the attributes do since I plan on reworking them though. I do want multiple weapons to be able to be displayed when the unit is a hero though but I’ve yet to really look into how to achieve that result. I have an idea but I just have not tested it yet. I also attempted to resolve the issue with leveling units where some clearly level faster than others but recent testing did not pan out as intended. Solid post again Wings.

@Machschau – Agreed.

@Drusus x5 – The SFE genre is constantly evolving after all but I know how you feel.

@Natron – Thank you for the post and support. As for the experience system you’re referring to that would involve “banking” data for player’s games. This would be possible for me to setup but testing so far has lead to the conclusion this would be outside of the genre. It’s always a possibility though.

@Drusus x6 – Such are the mysteries of… ohh wait it’s been updated :D

@Atlas x3 – I do know this pain and have been working to resolve the issue, trust me.

@SidtheKid x2 – You got your post in before I could generate my post here and all the responses. :D

@Atlas x4 – The archon hero was a part of the issues which I had to rollback and save for later.

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idk if anyone has noticed but Swann's seeker missle and missle barage ability has the same hotkey.

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