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A roll back you say? I can live with that, for a second I thought that was whole patch, people were going to die XD
I finished the game with 5 people on the first shot in 46 minutes. It could've been 30 minutes, but my team was being stupid with the defense.
08/05/2012 02:46 AMPosted by Jason
Dialed down Odin Ace HDR Multiplier so he is no longer brighter than the sun

This is the most hilarious part of the update. I'll be testing 1.6 later tonight! Will report back tomorrow (hopefully).


- Odin barrage says 600 dmg with max upgrades (vs. Thor's 6000 dmg, which seems overpowered)
- Photon cannon has ace icon on start (but is not ace)
- Festor fungal growth says 110 dmg with max upgrades
- Void spheres on Mohander/Artanis/Urun say 80 dmg with max upgrades (is this armor piercing? b/c if not, seems pretty weak)
- Marine has no splash upgrade
- Swann's concussive shells don't seem to slow down enemies (or maybe just isn't reflected in enemy stats? couldn't really tell from my one game, haven't checked marauder attack)
- Infested General smaller than Infested Captain (and I think he should be a set type of character, like strength or agility vs. random), though Ace makes him regular sized
- Terran ending not showing right animated portrait (no longer the admiral but the female robot speaking) and sometimes victory before Ragnarok and 2 BCs spawns
- Enemies still not showing upgrades correctly (see previous post)
- Levi still attacks post-death
- Sometimes unlockable heroes start off already unlocked (not sure the cause)
- Need to sync hotkeys, for example: certain units like Loki and BC, shield and yamato should be the same keys, same with Fenix and Mojo's shield
- Suggestion: Fenrir seeking missile should do more damage then Raven's, just like Selendis/Mojo's plasma blast should do more damage then Carrier's, etc for other hero spells including starting heroes (Loki's spells > BC spells, is how it should be)
Nice, thx Jason!
did they ever fix weapons not upgrading spell damage? right now it does not affect spell damage like the old version. makes spells much less powerful
just tested.. zeratul weapons upgrade does not upgrade void spheres.. hmm .. too bad.. will play once fixed
Also can we please get rid of useless upgrades from popping buildings such as the *300 + HP to all units* I really do hate seeing that, gravity lift, money, and attack speed boost are a lot more useful or make it a % based health increase like 10%
11/11/2012 11:04 AMPosted by Atlas
Also can we please get rid of useless upgrades from popping buildings such as the *300 + HP to all units* I really do hate seeing that, gravity lift, money, and attack speed boost are a lot more useful or make it a % based health increase like 10%

Already brought up ^^
no new heros T_T
Festor is OP.

Combined with the mouse wheel trick and the energy steal, you can just get an unlimited torrent of infested terrans on the map.

Loving that buff to raynor's aura, it's the small things that count
I wish I knew how to do the recording thing. Anyway on with the details!

1. Thanks for the update loving it.

2. You can pop invulnerable buildings with aoe damage. Odin and Loki popped the big roach Spawner while we were still on zerglings. There was no way we should have been able to.

3. I am guessing this was in your rollbacks, but the money distribution system needs looked at please. We lost a game because with 6 people we couldn't keep up with the upgrades.

4. Alan's shield and missiles are on the same hot key.*

5. Jason, you seem to design and test this map all by yourself. I know that you have a solid idea of what you want done with everything but I have a question. Would it be out of the question to relegate 1 or 2 people whom you are familiar with/are familiar with the game to also help test in cases where you don't have alot of time? That way you can spend more on the coding. Wings would obviously be my first nomination (he seems like a mini you) and there are surely others. I'm also taking the giant assumption there is an easy way to do this. It just seems like it might save time if you could specifically relegate helpers. Maybe even give them only specific tasks like checking if every hero unit's shortcut buttons work.**

6. When the infested general gets ace, it looks like there are 2 generals standing on top of each other!***

*First edit and reported by somebody else. But I did confirm.
** Second edit.
*** Third edit.
I can note that the game is significantly easier with four people because of the 2x money and yet with 5-6 unless people are competent people will pop things too soon and it's gg
If no marine splash is given then at least reduce the plasma gun cd to 5 secs, marines tend to die fast with max upgrades as it is a little dmg boost before they go would be worth it.

Aoe has conquered all in this game, before it seemed as aoe was only good against low hp hordes, but now aoe units are viable for single dps as well.

Single dps units should get a buff with either dmg or tankability or just a atk speed boost to smewhat keep up with aoe units.

Also a Hardmode should be implemented to where as if you kill Super Kerrigans an hour after game starts that either doom worm or rag is stupid insane hard to kill.
Not sure if this is the right place to report a bug in the game but Swans seeker missile and rocket barrage have the same hot key(w) once again sorry if this is not the right place for this
Same with Alan's hotkeys
it would be really cool if the odin had ultra bio plating too. since he technically is a vehicle.
@ PrinceSumner and @Atlas These bugs have been noted. Just read up a few posts.

@HollowSCV The Odin should have Ultra Bio Plating. If he doesn't then this is a bug. I have played multiple games after the patch where it shows up.

@Jason There is a glitch with Stettman. Similar to the leviathan attacking after death, stetman's lazer will keep attacking whatever he was attacking when he dies. And if it is a unit that gives the ace buff he will resurrect with the ace buff. Found that out much to my pleasure one game.

@Jason Also the Hive is no longer invulnerable until all things are popped. This has actually been going on awhile now.*

Another bug. Infestor can still sometimes get the infested general to start and sometimes not. And a question. Stetman and medic ace abilities give higher life and energy regeneration to units around them. A couple things. Are the auras carbon copies of the command center's aura? Are stetman's and the medics aura equal? After all you have said that you want to make heroes auras and abilities more powerful than regular units. Finally, do they count toward the 3 stack of healing auras?**

Another question I hope can be answered. Upgrades affect every unit differently. For instance, 1 buy of the weapon upgrade will increase the attack power of Raynor differently than tychus which is different than A.E.R.E.S. Is this due to the attributes or how they were set up? Also, can you take a look at Heroes that do extra damage vs. a certain armor type? It seems random on how much extra bonus damage is done. The lowest i've seen is just a flat 30 damage increase and highest is double damage.***

New discussion question. How would people feel about the homogenization of upgrades. For instance every terran unit gains 1.5 attack power per attack upgrade? Would that make verything too similar to one another?***

*First Edit
**Second Edit
***Third Edit
There should be a memory system, as I said before, because I see noobs who get awesome units like the Odin, and don't do anything with it, don't upgrade, randomly buff units, ans so forth. So my idea is that a player should have 25 - 50 victories before being able to get certain units, for example the fenrir you would need 30 and for the Odin 50 victories; and if it is possible, make a big huge sign that covers the page that says: GET UPGRADES IN THE FORTRESS! when the game starts, because noobs always ask where do they get upgrades. Unfortunately you can't make retards observant and smart, and able to think for themselves, but this is only a suggestion to reduce the amount of disobedient, incompetent, selfish, and retarded players. One of my pet peeves is when people get every single hero and then leave, and when they get a hero and suicide it or miss - use it, meaning they don't take it out/keep in it a corner/medivac, and all those things that people do. Please remodel the map, I'm getting sick of the layout.
50 victories? are you crazy I play this game a decent amount and I am so sure I don't have 50 victories

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