SC2 Icon appearing small on the dock?

Mac Technical Support
After I patched my SC2 to 1.5, the icon for SC2 is now smaller than my other icons. Is this intended or a freak bug? Anybody else having this problem?

13 inch MBP Early 2011
2.3 Intel Core i5
16gb 1333 MHz DDR3
512 GB SSD
OSX 10.8
Thanks for the report. I noticed that too. Sent to the team for review!
We're aware of this issue, and will be working with the appropriate teams to get this resolved.
You should consider making the game work first.
Yeah that Icon is looking way too small.
I don't mind the small icon as long as the game works...
Thanks for the bump, I know on mine the issue seemed to fix itself, but on another Mac here the issue remains. I'll poke the team once more.
Reinstalling the game does not resolve this issues.
I noticed the icon is the right size on my rMBP's internal display (2880x1800) but too small when I plug it to my external monitor (1920x1200).

This problem might be resolution-specific or on external monitors only.
I have the same issue on my iMac (iMac11,2 ATI 4670). For me it happened during the migration. Weird. In any case, I've pinged for an update to see what we can find out.

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