1.5 Huge bugg internet connections Pop up

Bug Report
Please write a comment if this has been already fixed and solved or you have a suggestion to help fix it.

So blizzard i know you guys are busy and all trying to fix this patch. But i havent been able to get on for four days i have been really wanting to try this new patch it keeps giving me this message Failed to download a required installation file. Please check your internet connection and try again kind-of annoying. I know for a fact my internet is running fine and i have never had any problems with downloading patches in the past. To be honest i think you just scrap 1.5 its been pissing off allot of people like people with macs they have to pay for a new patch just to play I myself am a PC guy but still you will lose customers for the new XPac. And i know i am going on a little rant here so i'll end with this. Its not the peoples fault its yours blizzard.

Please : Blizzard MVPs or Reg Players, if you know how to fix this problem please write a comment below it will be really helpful

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