MASSIVE fps drop and lag since Arcade patch.

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I've noticed an extreme drop in FPS and lag (or what may be HD accessing) since the new patch.

My computer is an Athlon Phenom II X4 810, Radeon 5770, 4mb of Ram.

SC2 ran great on high/ultra settings before. Even though my computer is outdated, SC2 ran VERY well.

Now I get 1 or 2 fps with lots of units on screen with the LOWEST settings. It doesn't seem to matter what the graphics settings are, I get 1 FPS with lots of units on screen, in addition to lots of SLOW DOWN. I can't tell if it is lag or HD accessing. It's VERY CHOPPY.
I seem to have experienced this as well with my computer which is a little date but even at the lowest settings now it lags heavily.
i Have a Radeon 6770 4MB Ram and a Duo core 2.66/2.13 and i was playing with Extreme graphics before the new patch with 60 fps. Now, after the new patch, doesn´t matter which settings i hold, it´s always under 20 fps!
i really can´t understand it.
I have an alienware 15x. I spent $2000 dollars on it brand new from Dell 2 years ago, and could run extreme graphics with no problems at all before the patch. Ever since the patch, it doesn't even matter if I turn the graphics on low for every setting, I am still running at 1fps. I can't play anymore, and am probably quitting starcraft altogether at this point.
Was running extreme 50 fps now can barley reach 30 on low. It's unplayable.
Personally, I think there are some problem with the graphics in-game and in the editor. For example, I've played a game of Pobes vs Zeelot in low graphics and I couldn't see my pylon or select it. But it was there. Some people in-game asked me to change graphics to medium and see if it fixes the bug and it did. I could see my pylon again (after making a new one).

As another example, I feel like the ground textures are not in low graphic even if they are. I always played in low cause my comp is really bad, and with the beta I always have a feeling that the textures on the ground are more detailled.

In the editor, a friend of mine had a map that got some visual problem where the cliff edge were not showing and the texture on the ground was grey and disappearing in squares like water when zooming. Changing the graphic made the texture to appears again.

So, ya, there are bugs with graphics and this is probably causing some lag for some players, like me I'm pretty sure. My comp get laggy really fast so I know when there is alot of units and I feel that it gets laggy faster than before.
Take a peak at your task manager guys. I have an AMD Hex core CPU and before the patch it was using 2 cores heavily and pretty much ignoring the others. now after this patch 1.5 its only using 1 core! If I look at my GPU usage its about unchanged. This game was already under performing on CPU setups having > 2 cores and now its down to not even using 2. This would immediately explain everyone's significant drop in frame-rate. Its not your GPU its the fact that they aren't multi-threading properly and utilizing your CPU efficiently. I hope someone is paying attention at Blizzard. My actual job is a QA Performance Assurance Engineer and I monitor performance of all our software before an update ships. I would sincerely hope blizzard being the large company they are has such a position. I'm curious if other people could report if they are seeing CPU usage on just a single core now as well.
I'm having the same troubles. I can't attest to whether or not it's only using a single cpu, but I'd like to add my voice to the thread.
Same problem here! Before the new patch the game would run smoothly in high graphics. Now I can barely start the game and my system gets jittery. I tried lowering graphics to the lowest posible, all my PC settings where to maximize performance and it was the only program running yet the game insisted for me to close any other application that was running because the highest framerate i would get was 20 FPS.
I sympathize with all of you. It seems a lot of us are having the same or a the very least similar problems. <3
i am having the same problem except my fps spikes from like 80 down to 12 then up and down constantly and its kinda frustrating plus now that i have played games and quit cz i cant stand the lag, now blizzard prevented me from logging into my account because of suspicious activity so if you could fix this stupid arcade patch thing that would be great, i am also experiencing problems gettin into the actualy game it takes for ever to initialize and then it says i cant connect to battlenet but if i try enough it lets me log in so i get in play a game and this outrageous lag begins... now i love your guys' games i played warcraft 1 2 and 3 and starcraft 1 and 2 and i would really appreciate fixing this so i dont have to wait till heart of the swarm comes out to play
I also have these problems.
same problem
Same here, some games after the patch its fine while other times the framerate is less than half of what it was half an hour ago, regardless of the number of units on screen. I dont know about you guys but there is also a freezing problem for me now which happens sometimes when i hit the arcade button and your flooded witht he new custom game menu.
Yep me too! And with the new patch 1.5.2 they have added more info to the FPS toggle. I get constant network spikes and stall/min throughout the entire game. I also always start anywhere from 10-20 seconds late in the game. Between the two, I'm constantly pulling my hair out. Every single game is just completely stupid and unplayable :(
Same for me.
With Patch 1.5.2, It totally screwed my Custom map, Risk Legacy. So it's not just Melee, it's custom maps as well. Many people are reporting unplayable lag in my map now and this is just unacceptable
I'm joining on this too. I was running Ultra on everything with no problems at all. After patch, I noticed huge chops in gameplay and stutters when manually scrolling around the map. I set everything to low and I'm still having the same problems.

I even upgraded my PC from 8MB to 16MB (for other reasons) and it did not help one bit. This patch has my Commodus's thumbs down! Please read the forums and fix, Blizzzzzzz.
Everyone I know that could once play on Ultra now have massive lags slowdowns in both melee and custom maps.

Blizzard needs to step up to the plate and explain what is going on.

How they broke their own game with a patch.

Totally unacceptable.
I had the same problem but I am running a 64bit system. To fix it I adjusted my graphics settings first... duh most people realized they got lost during update but then THIS is what fixed my problem:

(Works if you have 64bit system)
Under the file structure(windows 7)
C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\.agent.db
I opened the .agent.db file and changed a line inside there
"run64bit" : False
"run64bit" : true
^^^^^^^^^^^ That change made the game stop lagging especially while playing the map Cruiser Command where the lag was the WORST.

Hope it helps some of you at least.

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