7 Things You Never Want to Hear in Team Game

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god, that one is the worst
-Three seconds in: "whats plan"

-Five seconds in: "rush"

-If anyone on your team is zerg: "zerg players rush"
*breaths heavily in mic*
2- "Rush or defense?"

1- Me (going for timing push) : "let's go"
him : wait 1 min
me : "gogogo"
him : I'll get ultra in 1 min
me : "please gogogo"
him (10 minutes later... opponent almost dead) : "I got 7 ultras! I'm ready"

You're not going for Jeph from Questionable Content with that, right?

Sorry for my broken English : what do you mean? "Questionable content" is serious : I don't understand the point but by no mean I did want to make it questionable.
Do you want to defend or attack?
"Ima fso sdrunklk fright nwo"
by far the worst is "im gonna rush" then five or so minutes later they have nothing.

"I'm getting air, you get ground"

"Whats the plan?"

3 minutes in: WTH is a pylon?
thus why I don't play random team matches lol. I lol'd at the one ask'n what race they are again. My buddy and I are in platinum league but half of the time neither of us pay enough attention while its loading :P
I forget what races people are about 30% of the time. It's really goddamn annoying.

Anyway.. the immediate "voids" from protoss players pisses me right the $#^#$&#$& off
So I compiled all the ones that I have ran into and despise immensely.
I hate when people ask whats the plan before we even scouted.

This feels like every game for me. And if they're not asking the plan (before we've scouted), they're telling me the plan (before we've scouted).

This one pisses me off to no end. Some people can't play the game without "a plan." At least when I tell them that the plan is to lose horribly, they follow it precisely.
"Please don't suck."
Nothing sets the mood for a fun, enjoyable game more than your "partner" copping an attitude within 5 seconds of joining up.

This just nags me. Most people who say this are just plain awful and should probably quit playing ladder.


In all honesty, I never want to hear anything in a team game. I don't play team games to teach these kids how to learn. Hell, I don't even know why I play team games...
5. Zerg! Oh crap, I thought I picked Terran!

Hahaha that's happened to me and a friend a couple times.
"Wait...did you mean to pick random"
"%#!% I'm zerg"

And I ask "what race were they?" all the time ._.
I'm fairly understanding when it comes to not knowing which races we are facing.

I'm much less enthusiastic about any quick-tech builds. I am usually -not- skilled enough to hold off two players doing a coordinated push while my ally tries to get voids, carriers, ultras, thors, bcs, or anything else.
"hey guys, whats this scv do?"

only once have i been asked this. only once have i ever randto my dad and told him i founda player worse then him.

This is gold.
"D00D I'm gona mass ProTis Snipers!,make some rokit black guys"
Game starts.

Team mate: sorry about this guys

(watch small group of blue dots head twards enemy base)

(watch six probes get killed by 8 scvs)

Team mate: has left game
Some of these I've experienced firsthand. Some of these I made up, but worry about hearing. Guess which are which!

7) This is really different from SC 1...
6) XXXXX's computer is slowing down the game
5) so i herd u liek mudkipz
4) Your computer is slowing down the game
3) Hi I'm new to this game!
2) I am in your base killing your d00dz
1) (Teammate does not respond in any way)

I'm going to cannon rush.
The 7 things I hate about you

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