7 Things You Never Want to Hear in Team Game

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"I've never played Terran before. What do I do?"

I honestly had someone say this in a 3v3 game once.
"Anyone Else doing there placement matches?!"

"My Mothership's soooo fat Chuck Norris couldn't kick his way out..."

god no, when i left the barrens, chuck norris was supposed to STAY THEREEEE.
Me as a protoss and another protoss player were facing 2 Terrans. He asked me what I'm going. so I said Void rays straight up. He's like srsly? i didn't respond.

I could tell he was so heartbroken that he was going to lose. than I wiped out both bases with my void rays. Moral of the story, it's ok to rush void rays.

otherwise, the most annoying thing is "Plan?" 10 seconds into the game. I just want to say How the hell am I supposed to know?! If I go zerglings and they counter with mass zealots I'm obviously going to switch my game up...

Second thing is, I'll block off everything and feed you kk? I hate that crap. play the damn game.

I HATE this! So much!

Why do you need me to tell you what to do? My standard, canned response is "Kill their army."

As zerg, I really have no clue what I'm going to do. Because my build can change at the drop of a hat.
"I'm gonna go air, you go ground, k?"

"Not rushing, I lilke to tech".

It sounds fine and all, except that seems to be lingo for "I'm going to have next to no units for the entire beginning of the game and hope I somehow survive". And they never do.
"I'm gonna go air, you go ground, k?"


it mean he will pass the air and you on the ground sniff
im gonna cannon rush lol watch this

-1 minute later-

@$^%$&^#*% THEY CHEATED NO WAI THEY COULD HAVE STOPPED THAT oh and they are now rushing you guys through my empty base byeeee

funny b/c ive seen this same thing
This isn't something I heard, but rather saw.

I did a quick match 2v2 game (I haven't done many, but I REALLY hope this isn't the norm) and most of my games involved really bad people on my side.

One example, being, I was walling up as Terran and massing a small army, with a nice mix between tech and units. My partner went 99% tech. He had several ghost towers, some starports, 2 barracks, reactors on everything, armory, etc. His 1% of units was a single battlecruiser.

I cried
Well, How about this one? During the beta, i started off normally, Teamate did nothing
About 3 minutes into the game, he says, And i Quote "Starcraft 2 is gay, Nerd idiots"
And begins trying to kill me with his workers.

It still brings me nightmares
How do i make a factory
how do i void ray?
I was in a random 3v3. First teammate declares he's going to rush broodlords. Second teammate rages at first one, moves all his workers to his base, and states he's waiting for the first guy to have his rushed broodlords ready. They just yell at each other and I'm the only one that has units when the other 3 players come.
*loading bar fills*
*presses space key to continue into game*
*selects Probes/Drones/SCV's to begin harvesting*
XXXXX has left the game.

That and, "oll i gona cannon rush kk".
"Plan?" is probably my favorite, and its a big contributing factor in me not playing team games anymore. How the hell can you ask me what the plan is when we haven't even scouted.

I finally quit playing team games after I was attacked by my team mate. I was trying to hide a dark shrine near the back of his base because I was getting scanned like crazy.

"Dont build in my base man, this is MY SPACE, you have all that space over there, you don't need to build here wtf man!"

So after the shrine warped in he destroyed it. I left. No team games for me anymore.

I love it when allies leave the game at the start.

Makes it a lot more fun playing 1vs3 or 2vs3 and a heck of a lot more resources to easily tech jump and win. I have won dozens of 1vs3 doing this.

Though I often wonder if when they see my 2 allies leave that they aren't just taking it easy and underestimate me.
1. "hey can u make canons to help wall?" or "im making the wall"
And the wall is always made up of many, many Supply Depots...

2. "hi guys im going <insert T3 unit here>"
You usually see that they get about 2-3 of them but the rest of the team is dead.

3. "what does glhf mean?"

4. "anyone have gas i can have??"
Vespene is such a precious resource. Players generally won't share it, obviously.

5. "dts?"
After I yell out to my team when I scout a Dark Shrine or when my army is attacked by them.

6. "gg"
Only when the opponent says it before my team admits defeat.

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