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Alright so today we're going to discuss unit composition. What is unit composition you may ask? Big word right? Basically unit composition is what an army consists of. Why is that important? Well it is important to have a good "mix" of units. So what we're going to talk about is what a core set of units are, what units fulfill good support roles, and why.

I'm also going to use my How To: Build Orders here to explain what you're looking for in each build. I'll also explain why.

So first lets explain what a core is. A core is units that are going to make up the majority of your army, you want your core to be versatile, counter what your opponent is going, and tough. So for instance, in bio mech your core is going to be mostly marines and tanks. Why is this? Well marines are great vs. any air, and tanks are great vs. nearly all ground armies. Marines are versatile, and although they don't "hard counter" all units, they do counter units that will destroy your tanks. Again, the tanks will make this army extremely durable because they eat up ground units.

Support units are units that do just as it sounds... support your core. So again, taking bio mech. Medivacs are great... they give this mostly static army the mobility that it needs, they heal your marines, and they can pull your tanks out of sticky situations if need be. Most terran "support" units are medivacs, ravens, and ghosts. You won't build your army with these units but they all can do critical roles in any matchup.

Now for composition. I like to use the 80/20 rule. This rule basically says towards the end game my prefered support role sinks about 20% of supply for my army and my core sinks about 80%. What this means is basically I want medivacs, ghosts, and ravens in every matchup for every game and I want about 20% of my supply to go towards these units. They aren't going to "destory your opponents army" but they can ALL do very effective things.

Ok so going down the list of builds. The core for your 1 rax FE will be mostly marines early and then marines/marauders late game. Why? Because you tack on multiple barracks. Again you want to support that with *mostly* medivacs but also ravens and ghosts.

3 rax, same thing save mostly marauders early. Careful of air but basically the same.

5 racks reapers, this is great because it transitions into, guess what, marines and marauders! Are you getting a picture of what terran core units are? Same support.

Mech, This one is going to be an even mix of thors and hellions with a few siege tanks. In this one you wanna support with marines and ravens/medivacs. I don't usually support this with ghosts unless I'm against protoss. Why marines? Well in this build you're mostly gas starved so tack on a few reactor rax (don't forget stim/combat shield) and you're golden.

1-1-1, this is so versatile you get to choose. Matchups my friend, toss you prolly wanna go bio and zerg you prolly wanna go bio/mech, terran.. well unit mixture is the key here and with 1-1-1 you can do whatever you need.

Now, finally what support vs. what race.

Protoss: I usually go all three, they love emp and they love PDD. Medivacs are ALWAYS nice for transportation, harass, movement, retreat.

Zerg: Ravens are nice with PDD, ghost snipe and EMP for mutas/infestors. Medivacs are a little downplayed here... zerg is really mobile on the creep so transportation loses a little bit and bio gets eaten up by fungal. Just be careful.

Terran: I don't usually go ghosts here but the other two supports are just golden.

I hope you enjoyed this thread and found it informative, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask. Please comment to keep it bumped and thumbs up me too.

This is Beammeup, signing out.
Thump n bump.
What's a better play, tank early or ghost early vs zerg/toss?
Tank vs zerg ghost vs protoss. Ghosts eat up protoss and I'd say are the big gap between the good TvP players and the great ones. Tanks eat up basically anything on the ground for zerg.
The important "take away" from these threads is that these are the fundamentals and will last for many patches I'm sure.
Here's something that I will find quite useful for all my matches to come. Thumbs up and thank you! :)
you seemed to not use a lot of vikings..especially in tvt i use a lot of vikings to obtain cliff control, for whatever reason most people arent familiar with BW tactics and they work really well. i surpised when i found out that thors (at least in my experience) arent as good as i expected. I really dont use them enless im against muta's or i need to try and clear a choke point but good players dont put themselves in that sort of position very often.
How to: Terran
Thank you for all this great information.. it is VERY helpful
Beammeup always with the legitness. Great core support builds.
What about numbers? in a MMM drop how many marines and how many marauders should i bring to be critical? I want to attack while i still have the advantage. But i don't want to have a huge ball and have trouble microing it because all the shooters are fidgeting trying to climb over the guy in front of him just so he can get in range and shoot. (concave formation)
Just a silver leaguer here, but to answer Jack Burton I've been told a few times that a great ratio for marines/marauders is approximately 3 marines for 1 marauder.
To do early drops I usually bring two filled up medivacs, or in later game you may want to at least double that
I have been looking at units that support each other and have similiar upgrade chains.

So, MMM + bashee or Vik

That would be infantry upgrades and air upgrades. Banshee can take out tanks on high ground and you have a common upgrade path with the medic.

The other races are more air or ground upgrade path.

This is BW man.. now its just 1a
80/20 works for Terran which is one reason for all the complaints. Going with 80/20 vs Terran will get you roflstomped.
This may sound pretty dumb, but Im a pretty new player and i dont know what "PDD" means?
Point defense drone, raven ability that absorbs ranged attacks

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