Game takes forever to quit

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For some reason today the game has been taking an abnormally long time to exit. We're talking minutes instead of just a few seconds like before. At first I thought my computer was freezing because task manager doesn't work (Which is rare on Win 7), but it's not. Stuff in the background still works normally and I can move the mouse fine. And it does eventually exit. Why is this? I haven't changed anything since yesterday.
This rarely happen to me but I just leave it for 2 mins then it exit out lol
I figured it out, it's some bug that happens if you leave Steam running.
I'm having that happen as well...taking forever to leave.
Is this still relevant? I just had this problem. Necro'd :D
Roxas, I would boot into a Selective Startup first, and then run the Repair, and see if that helps.
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