How To: Attacking.

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Some of the threads aren't working for me, such as the harassment and map control ones.
I just have to say i read your guides and since applying them I have become a much better player... problem is I'm in the lower leagues (silver/bronze) and I find myself playing alot better than my teammates lol. Keep up the good work man!
just gotta say. I just got out of practice league and started a placement. after reading these i have yet to lose a fight. Not saying i wont ever. But its made my game play a lot better then what it was and thank you for sharing with all of is newbs!. Now ill go practice some more

(Ive read all the the threads you had on this post as well)
The "How to: Harrassment" thread was deleted?
The key to attacking as any race:
1. Make an army
2. Select your army
3. A-Click on the opponent's base
4. Make more units
5. Watch

That's a summary of what you just said, but a lot easier to comprehend:D
a click
09/06/2010 12:12 AMPosted by Beammeup
Look at my harassment thread

It's deleted, lol.
Interesting guide.

why all my zergie buddies be trollin? :( overmind would be dissapointed
hey your (How to: Harassment) link has been deleted can you make another one? thx
Thank you for this post i think it will help me alot. my buddy plays toss and im tryin terran but im still a noob. but im always commiting all my troops to the main attack! maybe this is why i lose alot of the time.
I play beam all the time. He's scary good. I still can't beat him straight up. I usually win by proxing a starport or something else like that.

Heed his words, for they are true
TvZ is easy for t, marauders beat roaches marines beat lings, it's the banelings that really hurt Terran I would l2 use them if u have trouble with terran
Great posts! I like doing some of those with vikings, if i can get the chance that is. lol
Thanks for the links. I started the game recently and needed the help. Thanks.
Guys, this is a general strategy thread, kudos to beammeup, and stop harassing him. protoss and zerg players that are being asses are mostly protoss players who lose to terran by trying to outman them, but zerg is slightly weaker than terran and toss.
Get a ton of scvs and build a ton of barracks and then u get a ton of marines and then rush
And it's fun to do and u win most of the time I'm a rank 2 in 4v4 so send me a message sometime if you want some more tips
i usually attack with my MMM to distract him while i send banshees to the back of his main or expansion to attack his workers

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