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Why are there raging zergs in a terran discussion? Terran is harder than you think. We can't chrono boost all unit production OR research, we can't make 54 zerglings when our main army dies. Sure we have drops, but mutas are much better and much more mobile than drop.
i didn't realize u needed to know how to attack if you were playing Terran. all u need is marines and scvs and an a key
Thank you for this great read +1.
Another great read! :)
Thanks for this ... just got the game this week and am struggling on the learning curve.
I've been employing ghosts as early as possible with with three ghost silos, this allows me to distract by harrassing the outer defenses with nuke strikes, it allows me to continue building my main force and forces a resource bottle neck on food supply and miners
Nice thread! This is how i lose every game! i panic under pressure, and don't put enough pressure on my opponents...
I just got the game I need strategies anyone got any I just use thors a lot
Superb. This may not seem like a lot, but for players at around my level it's very helpful to get advice like this. Helps put us on the right direction ;)
If Terran is so easy then switch to it and move up to grandmaster and stop crying..
Thank you Beam, im a new player who doesn't know the game mechanics, im still reading but im seeing results with a few strat changes.
im a james
lol yea eeker bookmarking too you guys mind checking out my site for school ? big ups thanks !
great forum! Hope to see more like this
11/13/2011 10:16 AMPosted by CaptChronic
If Terran is so easy then switch to it and move up to grandmaster and stop crying..

LOL :) excellent point. It doesn't really make sense for people to whine about why the other races are so OP. If you really feel that way, why not switch races and become OP?
Also, great thread and excellent attack strategies :)
I must say, reading that whole thing was worth it. :)

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