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Build Order:

First let's understand micro and define micro. Micro is the way you handle your units. In essence micro means how you are able to manage your units in relation to keeping them alive longer, positioning them better, and attacking from multiple angles or places on the map.

We'll start with the basic MMM ball.

When microing your MMM you want to attack move then regular move then attack move again.

In essence you want to get one volley and then either move towards or away from your enemy and then half a second later get another volley in, rinse and repeat. Why do this? With marauders you can chase down retreating foes or keep your opponents from getting to you. With marines it is the same mechanic. In essence you're doing all you can to take a mineral advantage.

This tactic works, in one way or another, with all terran units. Siege tanks, hellions, thors, vikings, banshees, basically if it's ranged it can kite and we have all ranged units. Infact, your vikings can basically take out an equal number of BC's (without yamato) because of their extreme range and kiting ability.

So now that we understand kiting lets move on. Positioning is extremely important. Zerg WANT to always get a surround. The best way to position vs. zerg is to get into a choke of some sort. Using the technique above, attack and retreat until you're in a nearby choke and then just attack. Also, having your marauders in-front to soak damage for your marines is very helpful, and although this is a more difficult thing to pull off, you will see results because of this.

No nearby choke? Use a wall to prevent a full surround. Although this isn't quite what you want it is still helpful and in the long run is better then full on battles with a zerg army. The key is to minimize the amount of minerals you lose by taking advantage of your races all ranged army. Beware, against toss this is likely to backfire due to collosus and HT AOE damage.

Next we'll talk individual units. Terran also have a few units that need to be individually microed in order to take full advantage of them. Ghosts are great for sniping HT's, Mutas, and banelings. They also very successfully can emp infestors, HT's and protoss shields. Because of all their various abilities it is highly recommended to not put these in your main armies control group, but instead to have ghosts in their own separate control group.

Ravens too, can be very effective. The PDD drone is an exceptionally potent ability and will quickly turn the tide in a battle. The turret is also very capable in things such as mineral harass, but I'll do harass another day. Because this unit is also very micro intensive it is recommended to put this in a different control group.

The PDD can block shots from: Marauders, vikings (air), BC's, Hydras, corruptors, mutalisks, thors (air), stalkers, and phoenix.

Multiple attacks are also capable of being pulled off. Remember, you don't HAVE to micro all armies at once, because your opponent is likely to not be able to control multiple control groups just concentrate on one at a time.

Example: I move my large force near my opponent, meanwhile I air lift 2 full medivacs of marines into his base. I attack move to the front of his expansion and tell my marines to attack his nexus in his base. Because his army is engaging my main army I concentrate on that.

This ALOT of getting used to, but when you do it has a very beneficial advantage.

I hope this was helpful to you all, feel free to leave questions or concerns or comments and if you like the post please comment to keep it bumped for others.

This is Beammeup, signing out.
Nice, good basic rules to follow. My micro could use a little help haha.
You're more then welcome.
Last bump, hope you guys found this useful.
Beam any way you could write up a good guide for the other races?
I doubt it, terran only in 1v1 due to the fact that I don't know/play the other races well and I only really play the other races (AKA random) in 2v2+. I could try but I got a lot of other things to do on terran first. Many other guides left to do. But I will certainly try afterwards if you'd like.
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Terran Micro Guide:

1: Attack Move, Press T
2: Build More Marauders
3: Attack Move, Press T
4: Build More Marines
5: Attack Move, Press T
ever took 3 bcs vs 6 vikings being controled by a GOOD player?

attack move:bcs take next to no damage.vikings die.

micro:vikings move back and forth kiteing bcs,bcs dide,vikings take no damage.

every unit is much more effective when micro'ed.
i just came out of a match like that.(that match-up to.)but he had thors and flanked me...

edit:also,great guide.*gives thumbs up*
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Or you could just use H instead of attack move. Stops them wherever they are and they instantly attack., then you right click them to move away again.
I keep reading about kiting and still dont know how to exactly do it.
Terran Micro Guide:

1: Attack Move, Press T

Fixed vs zerg
i've seen you posting quite a bit constructive threads lately, to be honest i wasn't reading a lot of them, but now to think about it, i probably should, and after reading some of them, it actually gave me some various insights that i may have overlooked for.

this comes from a veteran sc1 player, as well as competitive in sc2 in diamond leagues.

props to you sir.

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