How To: Four Steps to Diamond

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Very nice read. Time to go practice my control groups, hotkeys, and look into what is this GRID thing you're talking about =o

4 gate all push.

reaper harass.

6 pool

easy diamond.
Great post. One thing I'd like to request as a guide would be a surefire way to stop cheese. Or at least all the standard tricks that we should be thinking about when we start the game and how to counteract them. Call it the no cheese zone :)
tl;dr watch day9
very helpful thank you
Bump for justice.
its good i like
Ummmm so why isn't the OP in diamond when he is telling us these great steps to diamond?
Ummmm... So why is it so hard for anyone to read anything that Orb has posted?

Anyway, thanks Orb for everything you've been doing for the community. Your walkthroughs for Brutal are very well done, and congrats for getting them put on Glad you don't give a %%## about the doubters.
Orb is a Great Skilled Player since the Beta, and one of the 16 players who get into the HDH Invitational Tournament that had great players like WhiteRA, TheLittleOne and IdRa. He Doesn't need to be in Diamond League in all kinds of mutiplayer game just to Write an Correct Guide. Most of you guys complaining just need to Know who is the OP instead of what League he is. There is a lot of Proffessional Gamers, even in Korea, who don't even played the Classification Matches yet and just keep playing Custom between themselves.
This is actually a really good guide. I'm low bronze, but after reading this i have been improving greatly. Good job and thanks!
bumpity bump
Mean 4 steps to gold?
Really useful


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