How To: Four Steps to Diamond

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2 steps to diamond
1)Download Hacks
Just bumping. Nice guide though.
Hey Retarded SunTzu,

"In a game of chess the ability to physically move your pieces around the board matters little" this, to any real chess player: retarded. Your whole post is basically circumlocution: to play Starcraft well, you have to play well. Like a stupidly vague fortune cookie. Master macro, master micro... dur UH YA THANKS THAT'S THE GAME? The whole point of discussion boards like these are to flesh out the finer points of the game, macro and micro. If a player doesn't understand, and be able to identify those facets of the game it's already gg. It's beyond basic, and really just a rehashing of basic strategy games THANKS? And as everyone has pointed out already, the irony is too crushing not to mention it:

4 STEPS TO DIAMOND FROM A DIAMOND PLAYER? This would hold water if....

Here's my guide to Diamond: (FROM A GOLD PLAYER)
1) Choose Terran
2) Choose Protoss
3) Don't choose Zerg unless you want a total uphill battle regardless of skill level
4) Choose Terran

Nice job Orb. All haters STFU! Theses are the same ppl that say L2P then talk crap to someone who is helping ppl L2P. Maybe they are scared their cheese will stop working?
where is the "report for sticky" option
Excellent read, I find the main thing holding me back right now is my inability to use the controls well, SCII is my first RTS and this was a good reminder that I can't keep charging forward without hotkeying everything and learning how to micro well.
The op is a gold Terran. If he was as good as he says he is, it would have taken less time for him to get into Diamond than it took for him to write that.
Thanks for the well written and thought out tips, much appreciated. Liked all four posts
Another great contribution from Orb! Great job man! And thanks for that brutal video guide!
chest bump

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