How To: Four Steps to Diamond

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there is no counter to the 4gate. it pwns all.
Uhh orb plays in tournaments against top players you're a nobody.

Orb isn't in gold league. He's an imposter. Don't post bull#%!! like this.
[quote]Four easier steps to Diamond:

1. Choose Terran

2. Make Marines

3.Attack enemy with mass marines

4.Kite all opposition within the first 9minutes (Due to better range and speed with stim)/quote]

You only have to win 4-5 in a row to bump up each league...
wtf? you are in gold league writing a guide to get to diamond?

you are unintelligent

I don't want to go for Diamond but this helps me in Bronze League :D
I enjoyed your guide thouroughly and thought it was well structured. Would you consider doing a guide for each of the races.
Did not read.
A+ for effort, community will always value posts such as this.
how is a league not representative of skill?
lol he has played 84 games 1v1 and won 44 and lost 40 and is still in gold, he is a gold player. but if you want to get into diamond heres a a tip. dont cheese you way into it. it doesnt make you a better player.

also tldr
Great post. Thanks.
Thanks Orb

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