Poll: Mighty Morphin' Zerg Invaders

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From basic drones to menacing mutalisks, zerg larvae can evolve into any number of critical units depending on what's most needed on the battlefield—almost at a moment's notice.

If you were to wake up as such a larva, nestled in some hatchery on a far-off planet, which zerg unit would you hope to eventually morph into? And what would be the first thing you'd do in your newfound carapace?

Edit: Queens and Nydus Worms were not originally intended as options for this poll. While they were added in error (hey, it happens), they’ll remain as selectable options to avoid negating your previous votes.
If you were a larva, into which zerg strain would you hope to mutate?
Poll ended on Sep 21, 2010
Sorry to fan the flames but I would have to say Lurker. I'm not trolling here.

Edit: Sorry, nearly missed the 2nd question. My first action would be to burrow myself in a nice peaceful location somewhere between the two bases...and wait...
Definately a Mutalisk, I'd be able to fly in space, and that would be awesome.
I vote for roach, I spit acid and i move while burrowed= beast
No ultra btw
Cerebrate or ultralisk. If a cerebrate I'd be hanging back at the hive cluster, commanding other zerg forces, spawning more overlords and whatnot.
Hydralisk... the iconic Zerg
Man, there don't seem to be many choices. Wonder Why.... cough.
Highly Rated
I'd prefer to morph into a patch 1.1
Ultralisk for sure, but it's not in the list :(

I suppose mutalisk then. flying all over the place, destroying little terran and protoss workers, hanging with all my buddies, it'd be sweet.
Definately a Mutalisk, I'd be able to fly in space, and that would be awesome.

I thought only overlords did that...
Ultralisk isn't on the list. =T
i was apparently the very first person to vote nydus worm.

awww yeah, poppin up from the ground and going "AWEEEOOOOAAAH" and wiggling all over the place
I would choose Ultralisk, but its not on the list.

Mutalisk is the only critical unit on that list.

Broodlord and Ultralisk is just unreasonable GL lasting that long, and I'd rather not be dumb as bricks with an ultras pathig issues..

Because I would never see the battlefield unless I was created by a pro Zerg player.
Since lurker wasn't on the list (my favorite zerg unit) I went with ultralisk.
And I'd do what ultra's always do, smash everything in sight.
Infestor. Who wouldn't be able to make use of mind control, fungal growth, or insta marine army at some point on a daily basis?!

Also... Baneling...? hm who is gonna pick that O_o

Also... patch update, Lyrlirra? O:)

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