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If you were a larva, into which zerg strain would you hope to mutate?
Poll ended on Sep 21, 2010
Ultralisk, totally.

Then I'd roll into town with my newfound ability to knock a house over and have some FUN.
overlord, so I could feel what it would be like to have "zerg units" inside me, and "spew creep" all over the map and enemy's base.
Queens, Banelings, Broodlords, and Nydus Worms don't come from larva...
Queens don't spawn from larvae. No wonder zerg sucks, BLIZZARD DOESN'T PLAY THEM! *hides under bridge, eats goats*
Zergling or go home!!
I would morph into a battlecruiser.
Since Lurker is not on here, I have to go for the burrowing heavily armored ultralisk for the win :) Also my sister says I do a great impression of an ultralisk being born. O.o
Baneling, So that I could blow my load.
Yea ultralisk!
I'd want to be a leviathan
hydra so i can turn into a lurker :)
Brood Lord. Then I'd go menace some bunkers.
gotta go blings...nothing better then being a greed little acid mine to melt some bio ball faces xD...the first thing i would do...dig a hole at a ramp and wait for a silly marine to walk over me and BOOM @.@
neural parasite so ya I can be anything..
a marauder so I never get nerfed AND I can hate on Zerg, protoss and fellow Terran players.

(my answer was originally a infestor so that I could NP a marauder, but that only lasts 12 seconds)
Just like any young and reckless speedling.. I would like to morph into a baneling so I could seiously FML and the Marine's and Marauder's lives too.

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