Poll: Mighty Morphin' Zerg Invaders

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I would morph into a Ultralisk and then rampage through the enemy swarms cussing about the lack of anti air!
If you were a larva, into which zerg strain would you hope to mutate?
Poll ended on Sep 21, 2010
uberlisk FTW.
Shouldn't zerg be able to make mini-Kerrigans by now? I want to be a mini-Kerrigan
Yes, it is. It's at the bottom lol.
I'd morph into a mutalisk and use my muta harass skills on Blizzard to get them to hurry and release that 1.1 patch.

We're in between rounds of the GSL tournament, now would be a good time to patch, just saying...
brood lord. im a base destroying machine!
Who wouldn't want to grow little spiny things and toss them at enemies? Broodlords FTW.
overlord, i would take a creep crap on some terrans next expansion
i do normaly will say
but baneling are SOOO CUTE!!!!
Infestor because I sound like farts. :)
Going with the infestor on this one, it's definitely my favorite zerg unit. First thing I'd do is burrow, then walk over to the enemy supply line with a buddy of mine, wait until we both have 150 energy, and finally rack up about 24 kills between the two of us with some nice Fungal Growth. Sounds like a good day to me.
I would like to morph into a terran, could you please add that to the list.
I'm feeling Brood Lord. Not too great, all in all, but annoying to fight.

Oh wait.

Overlord(voted), Drone, Baneling or Lurker.
Infestor cause it says "Oh, sorry group of Marines/Zerglings/Zealots but hold still real quick while I fungus you to death. Oh, and Mr. Ultralisk/Thor/Carrier, I bet your buddies will never see THIS coming."
Queens don't spawn from larvae. No wonder zerg sucks, BLIZZARD DOESN'T PLAY THEM! *hides under bridge, eats goats*

In SC1 they spawned from larva (after building a queen nest). I assume they spawn from larva reserved inside of the hatchery (kind of like bees).
Queen. The ability to help manipulate the DNA of the zerg and create new evolutions is just too good to pass up.

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