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How about a Level 12 Psionic disturbance? Why isn't that on the list >:O
If you were a larva, into which zerg strain would you hope to mutate?
Poll ended on Sep 21, 2010
I would go Overlord DUHHH!!! SPAWN MORE OF ME!!!!!!
I would definitely pick a baneling, they have the lifespan of a WWI jet gunner!

I would go scout my opponent's base.
Queens, Banelings, Broodlords, and Nydus Worms don't come from larva...

*raises hand* Mea culpa. That was totally an inputting error on my part. Once I start listing out zerg units, I apparently can't stop.

I'm going to edit the poll text above to account for that. Banelings and Brood Lords were correctly listed, though, as they're a sort of larvae-by-proxy (evolved from zerglings and corruptors).

Thanks for the catch. :)
Erm, you have to be a Hydra to turn into a Lurker, though. :P And I'd say Infestor. Spewing forth an army while burrowed under-ground, just enjoying the sounds of mayhem... Yeah...
drones would wreck ALL opposition. no question.

I'd turn into a hatchery so i'd be able to be multiple units then i'd spawn an entire swarm and since we're all controlled by a hive consciousness i'd be mentally linked to my entire army... like the borg
I'd say an infestor.

and the first thing i would do would be to tunnel into a base and start harassing some workers.
Lurker. Best Zerg unit ever devised.
roachin it up! kill some dudes, burrow/recover.
rinse and repeat.
I would be an overlord. Though I am defenseless I am needed. I control minions, can see what other can no, can fly near and far and if needed, become a universal taxi to make some extra mineral.
Easy. Infestor. That way I can control a Protoss and something way more interesting.

/sorta troll.
I would definitely prefer a drone. Why? So I can morph into another hatchery and multiply infinitely... suckers... or maybe not? Maybe I'll just collect some minerals and gas, and at least enjoy my time alive much longer than any of you militant punks out there... enjoy dieing!
Broodlords ftw because I can make those little broodlings XD
I would morph into a drone, so the drone can become... an EXTRACTOR.

Being serious, I think I would be a muta. They can fly :P
I am surprised baneling was higher than corrupter lol

I picked infester, you get move while borrowed and neural parasite is bad ass.

I'd prefer to morph into a patch 1.1

I lol when I read that.

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