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Roach, because I just got a raise in the food I get, can burrow/move, and if u chop my head off I wont die :P
If you were a larva, into which zerg strain would you hope to mutate?
Poll ended on Sep 21, 2010
I would spawn as an Ultralisk because somehow, despite their huge mass and clumsy appearance, they still can and do nimbly avoid stepping on all of those zerglings....

Nydus worm... no one ever expects a nydus worm to work right.
Infestors single handedly saved me in an end game ZvT. Both of our bases had been demolished. T had medivacs and marines, I had mutas and infestors. After he took out my mutas (due to my mis-micro), my infestors could stay hidden. I had drones buried around the different mineral patches with 3000 minerals. After fungal growth-ing him and using infested terrans on his last marines, he pumps out hellions. I bring my infestors back to a corner base, using infested terrans to keep him at bay. Then I regrouped, reproduced, and voila, I won the game.

So glad I decided to focus on integrating them into my game. They are awesome!


Kind of a tedious game to watch because of mistakes and mismanagement and the drawn out endgame, but a helluva lot of fun to play.
queens, banelings, nydus worms, brood lords are all on this list yet none of them spawn from a larva (directly)

I kid I kid.

Brood lord. Lazily fly around pwning everything.
Zergling, and pull a MasterAsia zergling vs zealot hoe down!
I'd prefer to morph into a patch 1.1


Zergling, and pull a MasterAsia zergling vs zealot hoe down!

don't forget the drone, extractors win games!
I would have to say infestor as it would be fun to just spawn infested marines at will while burrowed and also it would be awesome to mind control some units and lay waste with them.
Larva cant be Queens. Unless this encompasses SC1 as well.
I didn't know Larva turned into Nydus Worms... :|

Does Blizzard even know their own game anymore? :|

Because I would never see the battlefield unless I was created by a pro Zerg player.

Dude I use infestors all the time! They are bad ass! Take a bunch of them burrowed with full energy and shift + t click like mad into a mineral line! OWNAGE!
I wish Brutalisk was on there cuz then I'd make all the ultralisks by %*@@#es
Infestor....I'd get control of Megan Fox for a night
I think Roaches are pretty awesome because they're so resilient, especially with regeneration. Maybe that means I'd be prone to cancer, with all those rapidly growing cells and so forth..

Hey, what about the pygalisk?
i choose Hydralisk hoping i can morph into a Lurker in the future

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