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anyone who picked a non flying unit.

If you were a larva, into which zerg strain would you hope to mutate?
Poll ended on Sep 21, 2010
Lurker...oh wait.
Drone to morph into a hatchery to make many more larva!
Voralisk or Swarm Guardian, Respawn Mod! these designs are sick people! sick!

NONE of you want to neural parasite everybody you know??!

I have the greatest chance of making it out of the battle alive.
Hydralisk. See on of those bad boys coming down a corridor.
If lurker was on that list it would have won.....
Drone!!...so i can work long hours with no fair retribution ..oh..wait...i'm already that....
damn.... u_u
Brood Lord represent! I find this unit to be so rare in multi-player because everyone just masses Mutalisk.
Overseer FTW. They have super sensors so they can know everything thats happening in like a mile radius. They can also fly and make clones of people. You can hear peoples' whispers and such (maybe even x-ray vision :D) and you can ruin their lives as well.
Infestor because I could spit out little mutated people with pew pew guns and also mind control stuff with my worm thing.
I sure as heck wouldnt want to be a Nydus Worm. I would have units hopping out of my mouth and into my... other entrance on a daily basis. Sounds painful.

So i went with an infestor :P
I would totally be an infestor. Special abilities ftw!
Who the hell want to be a banling???
I would be a Zerg queen. Queens are basically Kerrigan's replacement for cerebrates, in that they command the entire swarm. Kerrigan commands the queens, the queens command the overlords, and the overlords command the rest of the Swarm.

I don't need to be an ultralisk when I can have one or a few million of them follow me.
larvalisk. the ultralisk with larva duct taped on as armor.

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