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08/07/2012 01:23 PMPosted by Coriolanus
Starcraft Ghost was a shooter based on the character of Nova (IIRC). Kind of a Medal Gear: Solid thing.

Except with worse writing and given Hideo Kojima's writing that's saying something. I kid, I kid, I enjoy MGS's story somewhat.
08/09/2012 04:04 AMPosted by Specter
WC4 would be so much better than WoW.

Aye... I love azeroth as a world and IMO WoW was great in keeping with that story through Vannilla but when BC came out it was just strange... WOTLK carried it over and Cata was meh but we need to go back to hardcore war without pandas that are both horde and Allience to have a good story for an RTS IMO.
To me the story ended with Arthas killing Illidan in Northrend and now Arthas sits on the throne waiting for the crown to tell him to take his army against Horde and Alliance. Wow never happened.
08/10/2012 05:37 PMPosted by Harm
To me the story ended with Arthas killing Illidan in Northrend and now Arthas sits on the throne waiting for the crown to tell him to take his army against Horde and Alliance. Wow never happened.

I agree 100%...Warcraft 4 would most likely start sometime after Frozen Throne I can't imagine (and won't accept it) Blizzard allowing WoW to be canon
We're not talking about third-party expansion packs like Diablo: Hellfire or StarCraft: Insurrection/Retribution. Why would Blizzard *not* want their own games to be canon?
^True, but WoW completely changed the story and ruined it. Having that as canon would upset the fans who were there since Orcs and Humans, to know that Warcraft changed from RTS to MMO...maybe Warcraft 4 will have what happens in WoW but in RTS form
You do realize that Blizzard started completely changing the story as early as WarCraft II, right?

Heck, you might as well say WarCraft III did "ruin" the story as well by making Medivh a good guy, turning the Orcs into more sympathetic characters and forgetting all about Ner'zhul's orcish nature.
You got a good point there, didn't think of it that way. I totally forgot about Ner'zhul being a orc before becoming the lich king. Unless they had that planned from the beginning, that one game (Lord of the Clans I believe) did become the main focus for the orc campaign.

(On a quick side note about starcraft 2 it seems that Kerrigan, Raynor, and the Protoss will join forces to fight the Dark Voice, but doesn't that sound too much like the ending of Warcraft 3)
Not really. In WarCraft III, Arthas doesn't team up with the good guys to battle Archimonde.
If only they would. I'd buy it day one. My first RTS experience was Warcraft 2 followed by Warcraft 3 and the expansion. I only bought SC2 because wc3 ladder became such a hack fest and they aren't doing anything about it now days. I liked the micro intensive gameplay. I like sc2 but I LOVED warcraft. Micro over Macro any day in my opinion.
The new story after pandaren still viable. They could always conjure up a new threat (first the Archimonde then Lich King then C'thun then Illidan then Kil'jaden then Lich King again then Deathwing then whatever garden animal in pandaren world). Then the idea will be for alliance and horde to fight while some Guardian of Tirisfal come up and say "we need to kill someone because bla bla bla", which is warcraft 3 again. Then that someone's minion become too powerful and threaten to kill every Azerothian and we have to put him down again. Such infinite cycle.

Gameplay wise, the idea behind warcraft 3 is units are very valuable from my point of view. You cannot just send every ghoul to death like lings because you can't replace that fast, nor did you gather resource that fast, same with warcraft 1 and 2. And starcraft only got big army battle because of UI improvement. Imagine you can only select 12 units in starcraft 2.
I have thought about the idea of Warcraft 4 for years and I believe that it will work if they go right after the 3rd one. I enjoy the hero units in the game it allows me to even out my army so i have one guy taking damage while the others deal it. I also believe it could be possible to make it work off of WoW, but they will need to do a lot of tweaking so no fans (like me) will be upset. Hopefully they make it soon!! :D
whats wrong with pandas? its not like they make !@#$ the end of the world.... the story of warcraft will continue on... you cant just demand story lines- trust the ones who have made it to where its at now. and warcraft 4 would make millions and id be happy for blizzard to take my money.
Personally I didnt really like WC3. I thougt it was too complicated with the heroes and creeps and such, but if they made it more like WC2 I would buy it.
Hell yeah love that game. Every units quotes were hilarious lol. Really need to revive it and yeah about lore...............Plus the ending of wc3 was like great but it was an ending. Really should revive it sooner or later though.
While I would be interested in WarCraft 4 as well, I don't think Blizzard would because of World of WarCraft making so much money- why develop a new WarCraft RTS when you can milk WoW?
Would totally be for it, although I doubt we'd see it anytime before all the SC2 expansions were out.

(So basically not anytime before the heat-death of the universe.)

Figure it'd end up being vastly different faction-wise, if Wratheon is really working towards ending the Alliance/Horde war. If it does happen, maybe some sort of United Forces of Azeroth, the Burning Legion, the Forsaken (as their own faction, because everyone realized they're jerks and not healthy to have around), and maybe some sort of Titanesque faction.
Well guys the panderens wouldn't be a new race. I would expect the naga to be an official race. I wouldn't even touch the game if pandas were a race. Just seems odd. Yeah I would also expect it to carry on from warcraft 3 the frozen thrown. I've never played wow and never will. So I don't even know what happened to the lore of warcraft when wow took it.
I'm crossing my fingers that Blizzard will make a WC4. SC2 is fun, but multiplayer is boring as hell and only made for people who mass micro and don't have the attention span of focuses on their army as well as special character (aka hero). I think the Hero balance in WC3 is fine and the only thing I would hope for is larger armies... WITH STRONGER HERO'S to counter the larger armies! Or hell, just leave it as is. I think 100 food armies with hero mechanics is more than enough. Maintain the existing 4 races and unleash the horde! BOO STARCRAFT VIVA LA WARCRAFT 3!!

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