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didnt they cancel starcraft ghost?
They said they put it on hold. Whether that was their way of nicely saying they cancelled it, or if they actually put it on hold remains to be seen.
The original game was made for the PS2, Xbox and GC. Also, the plot has since been reworked into a novel.

If Blizzard decides to give SCG another shot, they will have to start from scratch.
I like how quick people are to say "they ruined the lore" with WoW. It's THEIR lore. That would be like saying R.A. Salvatore ruined Forgotten Realms lore by having one Dark Elf not be a villainous jerk.
It will happen someday but probably not for 3-5 more years. I will be right there to buy it though=D
Warcraft 4 has 0% chance of happening until SC2: LotV is finished. World of Warcraft pretty much ruined the lore anyway, so any chance of a story that makes sense without taking place like 300 years after the first Warcraft would be nearly impossible.

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