Starcraft Master Broken?

Bug Report
I didn't look at the patch changes, but I think some of Starcraft Master's rounds are a little skewed.

Round 27: Moving Shot
-Banshee/Marine range changed? (one Banshee vs ten Marines)
For some reason, the whenever I hit ATTACK on the ground away from the Marines, the Banshee just flies away from the Marines. In the tutorial replays, the Banshee actually shoots at the Marines and then moves away. My Banshee also takes a while to turn around and fire, and me trying to avoid getting hit by the Marines, move away before my Banshee could actually hit anything. It may be game delay, though. Not sure.

Round 28: Dead Eye Ghosts
-Ghost's Snipe ability was nerfed?
In this round (Marines and Ghost vs Banelings and Zerglings), the Banelings have 30 Health while the Ghost snipe ability does only 25 Damage. A lot of the replays show people 1-shotting the Banelings. Kind of weird.

Round 30: Untouchable
-Stalker script changed? (Medivac and Tank vs three Stalkers)
Not really sure how to explain this, but in all the replays I've seen, the three stalkers fire at the same time. When the round starts, the stalkers stay in line and move in line.
However, in every match I've played so far, the stalkers are either bumping into each other at the very beginning (when tank fires), bumping into each other trying to reach the medivac after I picked up the tank, or firing in succession (which is really weird).

If there actually aren't any changes and I'm just really unlucky/ really noob, may I have tips, please? I know practice, makes perfect, but there's probably some hotkey issues I am messing up. :] Thanks.
Hey, I'll explain some stuff for you
1. That challenge is still possible, when very close to marines, press stop and it should attack. i also had to finish this the other day.
2. i believe this is now impossible, which pisses me of because this was the last one i had.
3.Sorry to say,but I have no idea,
Oh yes the ghost snipe now does 25 dmg +25 to psionic units. I personally do not support this but Ghost snipe has been nerfed.
All 3 are possible (I did them recently), but there is an element of luck and perseverance to them. It took me about an hour to get through them. Round 28 was the easiest. Round 30 I got frustratingly close several times. Round 27 watch some YouTube videos to get how they're doing it. Using Attack is no good.
ive done it, but this challenge along with stim micro and fungal death are not responding to my achievement page. Thus i am unable to get the achievement
I can't do any of those listed except for round 30. I'm just really upset because I've cleared 25 rounds and I only have the "Clear ten rounds" acheivement. I can't get round 21 or whatever the one with a gazillion banelings vs your zealots because my fps is terrible and my mouse is pretty unresponsive, as is my keyboard.
This is either re-broken or something, because sniping (once more) no longer one-shot kills banelings.

Annoying thing is, I totally beat this but in the wrong mode, so I don't get the achievement credit for it.

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